Hello, my name is Andrea and I've been intensely working on myself and consciously developing my personality ever since I was 25 years old. However, something has changed inside of me in these last few weeks. I had and have everything. A loving family, health, money, a running business, friends, I traveled the world - North and South America, Caribbean, Africa, United Arab Emirates, Iceland, Europe, Asia, Mauritius, Bali, Japan - I saw the most beautiful places on our planet and even driving my large white Porsche was alright. However, my life puzzle was still missing the most important piece - a 100% of inner fulfillment ... I made a DECISION to leave the business that I've been building for 11 years and set off on a completely different journey. It was a huge change that touched people close to me. They feel something big is happening. And yes, it is. Transformation. 

My very first blogs are going to be about transformation. What exactly is transformation? It's an ongoing lasting inner change, that has numerous phases and is filled with wiles, challenges, hits on ego, self reflexion, courage to look at your self with a truthful eyes, refining yourself, overcoming emotional blocks, tears, learning, acknowledging, understanding, becoming wiser, happiness, gratitude and humility... In short, it's a journey to Freedom and Love. It's a fairytale. Until the lazy drowsy ordinary boy can save the princess, his personality has to change and he has to face 3 difficult challenges. Only after which he is ready to become the king, only after he acquires the virtues worth a king, only after that, he is worth the love of the future queen. And they can live together in Love forever and ever after. The ordinary boy is our mind and the princess is our higher SELF that is sleeping and waiting until we are ready to save it. This is what my blogs are going to be about. Everybody on this beautiful planet is experiencing trasformation right now. Some people are still sleeping, others are waking up, and somebody is already fully awaken. We are all in this together, friends, we are one .... The fairytale has already begun. 

My historically first blog. I'm uploading it today 12.06. at 12:45. It was today 44 years ago that I was born. My 9 year-long cycle has ended today and ceremoniously, with nothing but humility and happiness, my new 9 year-long cycle has started, year no. 1. 
The 1. day of the 1. year of the 5. cycle is numerologically starting today for me. 

Today's symbolic moment of birth is special to me. I've never had the need to celebrate the date of my birth. However, today is different. I'm not celebrating just a mere birthday, I'm celebrating the birth of my CHANGE. A big decision to publicly publish what is happening inside of me was born in me. I feel, that it needs to be done for many people that are experiencing similar TRANSFORMATION. And there indeed is a lot of us. I sense you through my heart, that has never failed nor deceived me. It's connected to Truth. (… as your hearts are as well). Not to „my truth“, but to the ultimate Truth. And the heart says “give-write“ . 

I'm going to write about the TRANSFORMATION that I've been undergoing intensely for couple of weeks. I'll give CLARITY and LIGHT through my decisions and actions to people that I like and appreciate. I know that many don't know nor understand. It's alright. It makes them think, search and create. 

In April I decided that I would make the huge change on 1. May. In fact, one of the biggest changes in my life. After 11 years of running a successful business, I decided to quit and retreat to silence. To end with the 9 year long cycle on all of the levels - mental, emotional and physical one. It's not a rational decision, but a strong pressure of the soul, of the higher SELF, of the dreams and signs that at some point I couldn't nor wanted to ignore anymore. These signs and „pokes“ were everywhere. I sensed, that the universe is giving me an important message. But you know how it goes, the endless cycle of work and family related activities kept me occupied to the point of not paying any closer attention to all of these signs. There was no time. I kept telling myself, I'll do this then this and then I'll sit down to the signs. However, after finishing all of my responsibilities I was so worn out that I would rather fall asleep in my husband's arms than to sit down to the evening meditation. The last two signs, though, threw me off completely on an emotional level. The universe works on basic principles. When you don't hear knocking, it'll start kicking the door loudly or it'll straight up hit you! And so to get out of the hypnotic cycle of responsibilities I was hit by it. What happened? I opened facebook one day and first thing that popped up was an article with Majka D. who lost her beloved husband. The photograph of her sad face and pained eyes had stuck with me. I felt an incredible compassion towards her and my eyes flooded with tears. I am asking myself: “what's up with you?“ In order to calm myself down I started reorganazing old magazines with the intention of recycling them. When a very old magazine fell out of my hands and opened on an article with Majka D. !  At that moment my soul reacted like the Etna. Eruption. I feel like I cried tears that bore all of the world's suffering then. This time I did not skip the evening meditation. I asked my spirit mentors for help. I was given a gift. A story with three beings – a bat, a dragon and an eagle. I don't want to go into a detail with the story, since it's not important for you. We all receive different signs. I was given an information that I need to understand the story thoroughly. I know one lady, that helped me to do so and connect it with all the signs and circumstances which had happened to me in the last few weeks. An explicit result. The fulfillment of my life purpose or my death. Simple. Ever since I was little I knew that it would come one day and here it is. As if my entire life embraced me at that moment and repeated - “I love have a are's time...“

Of course, the heart KNEW, but the head objected. Are you for real? Are you about to give up everything that you have been building for 11 years now, in a matter of a day? Now, when you are doing great? Now, that you are the best? Now, that you have your best years ahead of you? Are you going to leave your business, colleagues and friends just like that? And what are they going to think? That you are out of your mind, that you are not sane!!! Or that I am ill, that my husband and I had a fight and split up, that I surely have some kind of problem...  Various catasthropic scenarios will arise about me and do I really need that? And this is how I was under an attack by my realistic brain. It is his job, so I let him scream. Yes, I was aware that a shower of negative emotions awaites me, but I also knew that those who know me well will support me. And so happened. My heart, compared to my brain, has never failed me. It was saying- do it!

It was not an easy decision. However, that inner feeling of “I have to“ was clear and without hesitation. If you have ever been in a situation, where you simply know and don't hesitate and every cell in your muscle is vibrating with the energy of change, excited and dazzling, then you know what I'm writing about … My SELF KNOWS, that I had to. For myself. When I look at it with the „normal“ person's  eyes I understand that he doesn't. However, my actions and decisions are not meant to be understood by others. They are mine with the responsibility that comes with them. And one important information. I'm not normal and never will! Normal according to the rules of society and the public opinion, according to the programmed ideas about women (and also men) and their lives. No, thank you. I have been doing my own thing through my own experiences ever since puberty. I know who I am and where I'm headed. And I'm walking filled with Piece, Gratitude, Humility, Hapiness, in Abundance, in Health and with Love, ready for my purpose.

I go through my personal TRANSFORMATION with the biggest support from my beloved husband who is my best friend at the same time. I'm grateful for him, for this human being that is closest to me. We have been walking together through several incarnations and are developing into a more perfect beings. My HUSBAND- is everything in one to me- my best friend and even a girl friend (he switches to a girl friend whenever we talk about women's themes,and we do it the other way around as well, I too am his boy friend sometimes...), my perfect lover, until recently my business coach and a role model, my creative partner for all the joys and solutions. I'm grateful that I can be a WOMAN with him and live in love with our children, parents and friends.

In this TRANSFORMATIONAL time, my biggest NEED is to be with myself in a love-filled SILENCE. Despite me being the least myself in this state. Because in the state of silence I'm CONNECTED WITH EVERYTHING the most. Meditation and connecting to my higher self, connecting to my spiritual mentors, with the higher dimensions and a conscious work with energies has been my daily routine for couple of years now. Ever since I was small I bore questions - “What is the meaning of my life ? Why do we live and then die and what happens after? What is the meaning of it all?“ And I finally know the answers. They have several levels and so does everything. 

That is also what my blogs are going to be about. And soon even a book. Just a small disclaimer – if you want to know the answers to your questions, learn how to be alone with just yourself in silence. If you are in noise you can't hear the answer. Angels and spirit mentors are whispering. To be alone with just yourself, you need courage and a soul that craves KNOWLEDGE. Not ego craving information and nonsense that is taught in schools and with which we are fed in newspapers, media and the hypnotic box (TV). And the ego doesn't want to be in silence. It wants to judge and compare. That's good, this isn't, I wouldn't do it like this, this is worse, this is better and blah blah blah... Being in silence and not listening to the ego is art. And when the ego quietens, you will hear the voice of your angel.

I'm genuinely excited to share my experiences and principles of transformation with you. The world is changing and it'll never be the same. It is and will be better. Even our world is undergoing the transformation. It is experiencing labor pain. The water in the ponds is changing, that's why all of the fish can feel it. Some are oblivious, others are waking up and transforming. However, to be able to perceive what is happening the internal CHANGE is inevitable. Lot of us feel that „something“ is happening, many feel there is „something“ happening with themselves and they don't have anyone around them who could help to clarify their thoughts and feelings that are leading them to do unusual actions. Perhaps, my experience could be useful to you. 

Listen with your heart and the answer always comes. 

Every Wednesday (since 21.06.2017)

I love my transformation.💜

2. Laws of the Universe

Dear friends, I will be writing about my experiences during my Transformation but I have to start from the basics, 😊 so you can understand everything.
As a child I bore a question inside of me, who am I? What is the meaning of my and others' life ? What I mean by that is what is the meaning of being born, living your life and then death ?! Is it a coincidence where, to whom am I born and how will I live my life when in the end I die anyway? My soul craved to know the truth. But you know how it goes. Once I started asking those "strange" questions, I received the "normal" answers from adults : "Stop making up things... don't think about nonsense..." !!! And so I started my own journey to recognition.😊 
I started to observe, analyse, connect the at-first-glance coincidental situations. Shortly after which I understood that the word COINCIDENCE is meaningless.😊  That the word "coincidence" is an empty word that was created couple of decades ago. Our ancestors that lived in wisdom and in harmony with the laws of the universe didn't need such word! They knew all the laws of nature – the laws of the universe and knew why and what happened. They knew that every effect has its cause at first. Everything made sense to them and they knew that everything was interrelated and that we are all one. They didn't know the word "coincidence" nor did they use it. The word was created when we started to disconnect from our higher self, from our heart, knowledge and wisdom. And so we described the events that we couldn't explain as a "coincidence". And what is worse, we started to explain them through the logic of our brain.😊
If somebody thinks that they are coincidentally living in their body, in the family they are a part of, in the town they reside in, in the particular time, if anybody really still believes in this that his entire life and development is a coincidence, his life was a huge lie. A huge matrix. 😊
Coincidence doesn't exist. Only LAWS OF THE UNIVERSE do. These work with an absolute accuracy and justice: the law of action and reaction, the law of attraction of the homogeneous, the law of gravity, the law of vibration, the law of giving and receiving, the law of karma, the law of unity...and many others. I was taught many of these on my physics lessons in school, unfortunately though, my teacher didn't tell me that they also work on intagible levels. He didn't know himself.😊 Tangible level is everything that I can touch and see. Intangible level is all of my feelings, emotions and thoughts. Everything is energy, just of different vibration. These energies can be seen and sensed as well. However, not with tangible but with intangible organs. All of us have these, but they are inactive. With this knowledge I wanted to see and hear the intangible dimensions as well! My enlightenment came in here. So I'm responsible for everything that is happening in my life. I'm it! Not a coincidence!                                                                                                                                                                           I am the CAUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! An amazing feeling of relief and FREEDOM wafted over me😊😊😊                                                                                                                                                   Everything is energy and the law of energy states that energy cannot be destroyed. It can only be transformed to a different form of energy. I understood that I can work with and even transform my emotions and thoughts! Control and direct them. Energy always goes with thought!
My next important acquired knowledge was that I dont only live once. But my soul is immortal and its evolving through experience in many INCARNATIONS. 😊 And now everything started to make sense. My immortal soul is gradually acquiring experience and becoming wiser. And it even has a memory. However, it has a lock and a key. So if we want, we can remember everything and unlock the memory buuuuut there is a small catch. 😊 The key is needed. 😊 Im slowly beginning to remember and I have a feeling that the more the truth is uncovered, the less I know. But the more Im calmer on the inside. My personal opinion is that the time when we all remember will come. One wise woman once said to me that you can’t see the dirt on dirty shoes but you can see even the tiniest spot on clean ones. 😊 
A thought crossed my mind many times: What would happen if all of peoples thoughts and feelings were visible?😊  Whoaah!!! Can you imagine that? Imagine a situation that you are having a conversation with your friend, you are standing in front of the black board at school or you are telling something to your boss in your work, to your partner, a parent or you are in a business meeting you appear confident, determined, you are ready but you feel uncomfortable because you don’t know but you pretend that you do (or you do know and you pretend that you don’t), you are hiding something, concealing it and you have completely different thoughts in your head to the things you say. And all of these thoughts and emotions would be visible in that moment. That would be a complete mess! I think and  feel something and I say something else and I do something completely different.                                                                                                                                      That happened to me a lot!
Thoughts in the head, feelings in the soul and actions different to what the head wants and completely different to what the heart does. In other words, no integrity, unity of thinking, feeling and actions. And that’s the goal. INTEGRITY of thinking – feeling – acting. 😊  To unite your thoughts enriched with knowledge with the feelings of love and the actions of courage. It’s a journey that begins with CONTROLLING OF THOUGHTS and self-control. Even though the thoughts can’t be seen that doesn’t mean they do not exist or that they simply disappear without any responsibility. Soon enough I thankfully became aware that, in the first place, I am responsible for my thoughts!!!  😊                                                                                                                                         Can you imagine that all of your thoughts would immediately materialize? ???????? Can you imagine that it would happen now and all of the thoughts of the people living on the planet Earth would materialize in this moment? 😊 What do you think, what would come out of that? Hell or paradise? Right now it would be hell.  There is still more negativism than positivism in our heads and hearts, hence if we want paradise, everybody needs to start building and creating this paradise in themselves. And so I started. And it’s going well!!! 😊 It’s a beautiful feeling of freedom when I know that my mood, Peace, Harmony, Happiness and Love depend on me. Not on the opinions of others, not on the outside influences, not on the magazines, not on the TV news...  I am in control of my world in which I rule. I am a queen to myself.
I have been practicing MEDITATION every morning for more than 10 years. It’s a place where I can meet myself and my higher SELF in silence. Do it for yourself. Everyday, regularly. With this effective way I started creating my inner world and filling it with "myself, my visions and desires".
You wrote me that you want to start meditating but you don’t know how.
Well, I
’m not the expert on meditation. Even I’ve been through various types of meditation and to this day I’m using various methods. Keep looking and surely you’ll find the one which suits you the best. One thing I know for sure.
BE HONEST, TRUTHFUL, and FEEL every word, every thought during meditation. Don
’t do anything logically, mechanically and don’t utter “magical“ formulas, affirmations, prayers or mantras. Feel! Every word must be alive – lived by, felt, honest and only then it will rise into the heights of light. If you just spurt out the words, they will crawl as a tar on the ground and nothing light will come out of that!!!
I love SILENT MEDITATION. Just me in silence feeling grateful …
😊                                                 I’ll share with you my years of experience and if you find it helpful in your transformation, I’ll be happy.
I always meditate while sitting in silence. At first I relax with deep breaths and I imagine as if a column of bright light, which is coming down from God ( Source, Universe, Bright light bowl- imagine and call that power of Love however you like), is descending to my head and continuing through my body to the tips of my fingers. Sometimes I let the column fall to the centre of our mother Earth. I do as I feel. I fill myself with light – every cell, intercellular space, every organ, the entire physical and energetical body, then I fill the emotional and thought-body with light. Then I concentrate on the heart and I fill it with light. I breathe and with each inhale I realise how God gives me Love t close as well. I gradually fill my light body with a purple flame upwards from my legs to my head. When feeling each of the colours I feel what they bring me as well. The blue one- strength and protection, the pink one- love and support, the purple one - forgiveness, purity and the feeling that I am part of the universe. Then I move the energy of the lit-up heart through the “golden bridge“ upwards roughly 50 cm above my head and I inhale and exhale the ligand with each exhale I give Love and gratitude to God myself. Those beautiful feelings of Peace, Harmony and Happiness, connection with everything I love. Then I visualize a radiant dark blue field around my light body, which doesnt close above in the column of light, then I create a radiant pink field around the blue one, which doesnht in the thought of I AM. I feel the I AM. And here I feel honestly and with gratitude the desire “I AM beautiful intelligent woman, I love and am loved, I have a healthy body and am granted with abundance on all of the levels.“                                                         Then I stay in silence... if I have a question, I plead for an answer... I listen... Meditation lasts for 5 min sometimes, or 50 min and more other times... the time doesnt play any role here...😊 By the way, I learnt this meditation on Marie Diamonds seminar couple of years ago. She is a world-wide acknowledged transformational mentor and coach. The meditation is explained in detail and you can find the entire step-by-step in her book “The Very Simple Law of Attraction”.                          When mentioning Marie, during my transformation the universe allowed me to meet and learn from an amazing, intelligent beings. I will write about them and the miracles that I could experience thanks to them once. They always were and will be my companions on my journey. I am thankful for them.😊😊😊
Many people say they are looking for themselves, yet are unable to find them. Well, when they keep repeating that they are looking, then their life will fulfill their wish. If they want to keep looking, let them do so!!! You can keep looking for yourself for several incarnations and you wont find anything. I too had undergone this modern period of looking and wandering. 😊  And during which I understood that its all wrong! Who am I even looking for if I am here right now?! What is my APPROACH to myself? How do I perceive myself? And the recognition came. I AM THE CREATOR!!!!!! We are the CREATORS. We are not meant to find ourselves, we are meant to CREATE ourselves. 😊  Create us into the picture of which we want to be. We can and it is allowed. We just dont know it. Thats why I’m writing about it. WE CAN!!!                                                                                           Since my childhood I have seen it clearly to what picture I want to create myself. My affirmation was clear “I am a beautiful intelligent woman, I love and am loved, I have a healthy body and am gifted with abundance on all of the levels.”                                                                                                                          Now I know that each thought wants to be fulfilled and materialized. That is the law of the universe. But careful, because all of the thoughts are materialized – negative as well as positive. 😊  
Believe that creating yourself into the desired being is possible!!! Even if it sometimes doesnt fit into our logical jigsaw of life... Thats alright. I get it … Brain, ego, approach, programmed behavioural patterns, general ideas, nurture, education and the entire informational matrix of fear and doubts closed our hearts and took our own responsibility and freedom, But trust me, YOU CAN and YOU KNOW HOW !!! 😊  Many people on Earth have already remembered and have woken up. 😊                                                                   Faith is another piece of the puzzle in the transformational process. Simply TRUST.                                           Trust arises from heart only with your own RECOGNITION. Recognize!!!                                                          Today I KNOW that I can.
I will sum it up. To start my transformation it was essential to know: 


Yours Sincerely,
Andrea 😊

m here with a new piece of knowledge every Wednesday.


During my transformation I had a huge desire to acquire information! My soul wanted to know. And so I attracted an amazing people, mentors, coaches, healers into my life and visited an amazing motivational lectures and courses after which I would have my head high in the clouds for a while and believed that I could change the entire world!😊😊😊
I read quite a lot of motivational and esoteric literature. The desired information would simply stick to me from every direction. I was excited and happy that I have all of this information, that everything is starting to make sense to me and my understanding is shifting! A beautiful period of the sweet acquisition of information.
Something wasn't quite right. My heart felt sad and quiet somehow. Why would my heart be sad when my head was happy? A very simple answer! The information stayed only on the level of thoughts and temporary feeling of happiness but gradually this beautiful overjoy faltered. I knew why. 😊 I was trapped! I forgot to follow a very important step with the information. Start to live by them, start to really live by them, to take hold of them, to engrain them into my mind and consciously start transforming my personality! What do I mean by that?
On seminars and in books you read that you have to think positively, control your emotions and you learn various techniques of controlling your mind, but mainly, you learn that you have to change. BUT HOW?
Well, I knew everything my soul needed to know, I just didn't know how to use it in everyday life.
To talk about it? OOOOOh, Yes.😊 To live by it, no. I could talk about positive thinking, the techniques of controlling your mind and the transformation of emotions really well. However, when I came back home and my child had spilled popcorn all over our freshly vacumed beautiful blue carpet, or my father said something that my EGO didn't like, an angel turned into the demon of rage and self-pity. That's why my heart was sad.😊😊😊
But I noticed it! I felt it! Even then I had the urge to be with myself and in the precious moments of silence I heard the heart crying. Strong experience. Transforming even! I knew that I had to start! To change myself and feel the heart happy and to feel the harmony between my heart and my head.
I will tell you HOW I started with my transformation. I was given an instructional manual. It works! My heart is happy today.😊 I think how I feel and even how I act! I am happy, I love and am loved, am healthy, I have knowledge and I keep learning, I was gifted abundance on every level and I feel an immense gratitude. I manage my thoughts and feeling very well today. I have these wild mustangs tamed. Sometimes one of them is not listening but I know HOW to tame him and get him into the stable again.😊😊😊


I decided to incorporate MINDFULNESS and CONCENTRATION into my day.

1.At first I had to decide that I want to look upon myself truthfully and be completely HONEST with myself. The first step is to write a black-white mirror on a piece of paper. I wrote my vices on the left side and virtues on the right. Fuuu, and was it hard!!!😊 I was 25 years old and EGO the size of a mountain. I couldn't quite sort out, give a name to nor write some of my traits down. The good ones were easy... but the bad ones? The first thought that crossed my mind was that I don't have any negative traits. Just something occasionally slips out...hi hi.😊 When I finally managed to put all of my traits on a piece of paper, I was looking at it as if looking into a mirror – on myself! I remember the feeling even today!😊 And it surely wasn't a nice sight. This is who I am? YES, that is who I was. But I wanted to be different. A DECISION was clear. A CHANGE! I picked one of my vices and one virtue.
If you are familiar with laws of the universe you know how to use them for your personal development. It's about the law of energy. Energy cannot be destroyed only transformed into a different form of vibration(energy). Even a thought and emotion is a form of energy. And so I decided to transform Anger into Happiness!!! 😊 
2. Next, I chose some REGULARITY –something that I will do EVERY DAY, AT THE SAME TIME, 365 days of the year. If I leave out one day, I will start from the beginning! And so I chose simple finger snapping out loud, 7x at 7pm.

  1. I wrote down an affirmation - “With this finger snapping I shall transform my anger into happiness. So shall it happen.”😊

And the big GAME could begin!!!
It all looks very simple but the MYSTERIUM OF TRANSFORMATION is hidden in the simplicity.😊 Imagine, that you have to snap your fingers seven times out loud, every day at 7pm. No matter where, with whom or what you are doing!!! Do you know how many internal emotions you discover and manage at the same time by doing so?! Imagine a situation that you are at a family celebration, talking to your grandmother. A you can't forget that you are doing a regular activity at 7pm, B shortly before 7pm something will definitely happen that will prevent you from going to a silent corner and just snapping is not enough you have to affirm as well! So you are not talking and you look as if you went insane! And I'm not taking your emotions that you have to manage meanwhile into account... what are they thinking, I look insane, it will be stupid to leave in the middle of an important convesation and so on...😊 
BUUUUUT, the hard situations count the most!!! That's when you overcome the most and experience the mysterium of transformation. Exactly then at 7pm your thinking-feeling-acting is in equilibrium, because you are doing a REGULARITY for which your higher SELF decided, and that is when you give MINDFULNESS and LIGHT to the hypnotic rhythm of the unconscious world. You give your RHYTHM there. In that moment you are a CREATOR, you are who you decided to be. At first,  you learn to master few seconds and gradually your entire life. Regularity is YOUR RHYTHM!
It's the same principle as when you go to a gym regularly. Excercing just once in order to have muscles is not enough, muscles will only grow with regularity. You practise controlling your thoughts with your mental regularity. I could manage my anger much easier, cause my “mental muscle”, by which I could tame it, was growing. I can manage it perfectly now, with Happiness. I transformed Anger into Happiness.😊
A regularity can be something:
1.meaningless(blinking, finger snapping, singing few tones, whatever)
2.something you dislike doing (20 sit-ups, dumping a bucket of cold water on yourself, reading one verse of a poem or a page of a book...)
  1. stop doing something you like(drinking coffee, eating meat, smoking, drinking alcohol, eating sweets...)
Regularities are still a part of my life . They have been for almost 20 years now! I meditate and practise yoga daily. Even if I don't want to, because that's when it gives me the most power. And I still transform X to Y. It doesn't seem that way, but there always is what to transform. I take off one layer and another one appears. It's a several-lives-long workpiece!!! It's a GAME. 😊 
My beloved husband has been in it with me for couple of years as well. It's a partner for everything.😊 He has a very strong will. And when we talk about imaginary situations how someone will bake our favourite cake for us (when we haven't eaten anything sweet for a year), or they will invite us on a barbeque(when we haven't eaten meat for a year...well I don't eat meat at all, but that's a different story...), we just start laughing.😊😊😊 
Don't take it all too seriously.😊 Think of it as a GAME. A GAME of your life. Even if they throw you out of your home-zone, you still have a chance to go back. Do it with pleasure and gratitude. Play. Learn the rules (laws of the universe) and win!

With love Andrea💗

I'm here with new piece of knowledge every Wednesday.


On the adventurous route to my Transformation, I realized that I have a very varied INNER WORLD.😊 That huge number of thoughts cross my mind daily and a specific feeling appears with each. That there is no thought without a feeling! However, it's much softer and faster than a feeling and I found out that I can evoke thoughts but also send them away and they obey me! It was harder with emotions though. Those didn't leave just like that.😊 Beautiful! The world of thoughts and feelings! Always on the move! The world of CREATIVITY or DESTRUCTION. Light or Dark. Nothing in between.😊
I started to analyze and observe these worlds. I yearned to "see" in other people's heads and know, what they really think and feel.😊 I yearned to know. How is it? How is it supposed to be?
I felt this was the start of my Transformation!!!
My inner world was a reality, a bubble, a matrix with its own rules, approach, opinions and its own truth! EGO together with its hungry helpers directed my life game and made me into their puppet! I was their food.😊 Sometimes the director Ego threw me into the role of a VICTIM, other times into the role of a JUDGE! Sometimes I was defending, pitying, blaming others, other times I was an uncompromising judge and a executioner, because they were this and that...judging and condemning... A great game of ping-pong!!!😊 Ego had me firmly in his hands!!! His game was subliminal and intelligent. VICTIM vs. JUDGE! And everything hidden  behind FEAR! Just fear in various coats and masks.  More than 90% of people living on the planet Earth are playing this game right now.
They don't see it yet. They will. 😊The awakening has already begun.😊 They will understand.😊 What is it all about?
About ENERGY. About ENERGY FLOWS. About hungy EGO and the little demons going under the names fear, anger, envy, hatred, self-pity, attachment, addiction, judgement, lies and many others who feed on our negative emotions.😊 These little demons can't feed on the positive and bright vibrations. They would burn.😊 That's why they provoke and look for a way of getting to people. They are very intelligent beings and we are considerably enabling it to them in today's world. All it takes is to turn on the TV, radio, read newspapers, listen to what "normal" people are talking about, we have various apps on our phones that provide information, facebook and we are there. In the world of manipulation through information! Unfortunately, only few of us can move through the avalanche of information while managing to stay neutral, to evaluate and  to filtrate the information. You can manage with regular practice though!😊
For many years I have been knowingly choosing what to watch in the TV, with whom to meet, what to read and I'm constantly filtrating what energy I let IN, into my inner world. I want it to be clean, filled with light. I filtrate WHAT ENERGY I LET OUT😊  from my world as well. I don't want to make a mess.😊
WE ARE RESPONSIBLE for not only our actions but for our thoughts and feelings as well.  They too are energy flows😊 Everything is energy!
And everything wants to be materialised on the tangible level. Even the smallest of thoughts. It always comes back to its source, from where it was send out. The positive and the negative!😊
Law of the universe states - the subtle gives way for the gross. Negative information will degrade you into lower vibrations, into destruction. Positive information and emotions will boost you to softer and brighter energies, to creativity and new ideas. Law of the Universe states - ENERGY ALWAYS FOLLOWS THOUGHT. 😊
When you watch the negative tv news sound and picture are involved, you perceive with both your eyes and also ears. An immediate attack on your thinking and feeling. And on what you think and what you experience emotionally during this, that's where you send your energy to. And if you eat during this, you accept information directly to your physical body! 😊 All of you, that demean Trump (or whoever and whatever), are sending him your energy. All of you, that hate and judge whoever and whatever, are energetically supporting and strengthening him/it in whatevere they are doing. And of course, it applies the other way around. If you think about someone with Love and you wish them only the best, a quick recovery for example, then energy follows thought and it wants to be materialised. The more genuine you live by it and feel it, the more power is sent to the energy flow. You can kill but also heal with thought!!!😊😊😊 
Have you noticed that when you are scared, angry or experience different  negative emotion, you are tired?😊 As if ...drained? The little demons are currently feeding on your energy. And vice versa, when you play your favourite song or a movie, or you say an affirmation, a prayer, you reminisce on something nice, you sense the light in your heart, you feel recharged with energy? As if connected to a charger? Angels are currently supplying you with their energy. Observe, watch, filtrate and recognize. It's alluring to unravel the truth!😊
I think our INNER WORLD is the most important thing on what we need to work!!!😊 It's about our own little world. About what we create within and about what we spread out. The goal is to have Love, Harmony, Happiness, Peace, Wisdom, Mindfulness, Light, thought and emotional Health, Prosperity, Creativity, Gratitude, Humility in our little worlds... And spread it further!😊
I AM everything in my inner world. I am everything with each breath I take!😊 
We, humas, are like a DATA PROJECTOR. Our inner world is being projected as on a projector screen in the outside world. The projector screen is our life. We project only what we are on the inside! We simply need to become the directors of our inner world and direct ourself by our higher Self. By a light that shines in every one of us. We received it as a gift. It's eternally alive! But covered by mental and emotional smog. But still there. And waiting.  And it believes in us. We are beings of the light enslaved by Ego. But only a little is all it takes and it can be different!😊
Maybe this example can help with your understanding and cognition. Imagine that you are sitting in a cinema. Alone. It's your cinema and your life is being projected on the screen.😊 You see yourself, your parents, friends, acquaintances. HOW do you see yourself? What is your APPROACH to yourself? What CONVICTIONS do you have about yourself in your movie? Do you BELIEVE in yourself? Do you overestimate or underestimate yourself? What do you think about your mother? About your father? About friends? Do you judge? Do you have any expectations? Do they have them about you? Are you living up to these expectations? Do they? 
How do you perceive yourself? How do you want to be perceived? How do they perceive you? How do you perceive them?😊
And now stand up and go to sit down to a different cinema. To yours father's cinema.😊 He is sitting there, projecting his world. He sees himself and you with his eyes there...
And you DON'T RECOGNIZE ANYBODY in yours father's projected movie!!! Not even yourself! Not your father nor mother! Nobody!!!😊 
Because every each one of us sees it DIFFERENTLY! Everybody has their own truth in their bubble. If two people are trying to convince one another about their truth, they never reach an agreement. They just keep fighting, destroying and creating negative thoughts and emotions, being a victim or a judge – a food for the little demons and Ego!!! Both of them losing. HOW TO WIN?
Simply understand, care, look for, accept opinion of somebody else, cooperate, don't judge, don't condemn, recognize ...😊😊😊 
Every one of us has its own MATRIX (a bubble), in which we create RELATIONSHIPS on vertical and horizontal level.
Those are our ENERGY FLOWS!
In the upward vertical direction, I create the relationship with God (the Universe, the Source) and in the downward one, the relationship with the mother Earth, nature, matter. The relationship ME-ME and I are in the middle! Are you familiar with the law of Love?
You shall love your neighbour as yourself”.😊 Horizontally, I create relationships with the past, the present, the future and with people of each time period.
Our matrixes are constantly overlaping and affecting one another. However, our small matrixes are a part of one huge matrix. Its quality is based on the quality of the small ones.
We have an immense power!😊 The power to Create or Destroy!!!😊 
Seven years ago, I had a very strong experience with a young 17 years old girl that used to be a part-timer at our firm. She was very clever, receptive and curious. Simply perfect. We would talk quite often. Once she shared with me that she had a father who was an alcoholic, that he used to hit them when they were little and that she often quarells with her mother because of money. That she hates him and she would prefer him dying of alcohol poisoning, so they could finally find peace at home. Strong words. She meant it. I could pity her and play her game of a victim and a judge, condemn such an awful father, but I said to myself that I won't enter the destructional spiral together with her, but I will help her to get out from the destruction into the light of understanding, thus helping with her personal improvement. I asked her if she knew in what family her father grew up and what was his childhood like. She started telling me about her grandmother being the general of the entire family, about her grandfather that also drank... I asked her if she thinks that her grandmother or grandfather ever said to their son, to her father, that they loved him... if his mother hugged him every day at least once... if she had ever thanked him... if she had ever praised him... I helped to make that young woman understand her father's matrix with the absence of Love. She started crying. It was a purifying cry. 😊 She FORGAVE her father and herself. She UNDERSTOOD.😊 She came home and embraced her father. Thanked him and told him she loved him. For the first time in her life.😊😊😊
She freed herself from negative blocks and approach to her father, to men. She changed her already …..programmed destructional pattern into Love. Her father didn't change. This wasn't the goal. A change is something he would have to want. The goal was to change HER INNER WORLD and to put the light into her bubble. Through recognition and understanding.
She sees her father differently now. She loves him.

With Love, Andrea 😊
I'm here with new piece of knowledge every Wednesday.


My transformation brought me an important recognition. Everything is only in my "hands"!!!😊 I'm not just a toy of destiny, some uncontrollable situation or coincidence! My energy is my world and my ENVIRONMENT.
Imagine a situation - you come to visit someone and you are welcomed by a smiling couple in their doorway, you enter their house and everything is perfectly ready, the glasses are polished, everything is tidy, the food is cooked...but you feel, sense that something isn't quite right after all.😊 It has surely happened to you. What is it that you feel? What is that "atmosphere" , "something in the air", "chemistry" or "mood" that you feel? And you don't feel it with your nose! You feel it with your heart! What is it? 😊
ENERGY. It's the quality of vibrations of the people that welcomed you with a smile on their faces but had managed to quarrel 10 minutes before they opened the doors for you. And energy is still there and wants to be registered. You feel negative, low and heavy vibrations. As if your heart was closing, making it difficult to breathe. Your heart chakra is reacting immediately.😊 
Or the other way around, you come to some room, not wanting to leave, you feel good there, you enjoy meeting some people whereas others not so much. Your heart opens, you can breathe easier. Why? Because those people vibrate on the same or higher level than you. Homogeneous attract one another. You are familiar with: "Birds of a feather flock together". 😊😊😊
We feel each other with our hearts. Even though we try to "lie" with a body, the heart senses truth. We feel our energies, our BIOFIELDS, our aura. Animals, kids up to 3 years old and many people can see, hear and feel those energies. You can't fool an animal or a child. They see TRUTH.😊 Watch small children, watch animals, they teach us a lot.😉
What is an Aura and a BIOFIELD? It's our true I, our inner world - our thoughts and emotions.😊
I was very young, when I understood that I don't have just one body of which I have to take care, but I have much more of them!!! Once again I was engulfed by the feeling of unbelievable happiness!😊 As always when finding out and understanding TRUTH! Happiness and gratitude for RECOGNITION! We have significantly more bodies than just one, we have higher spiritual bodies and each of them has several levels. Analyse, observe and search.😊
Everybody sees the physical body, we can move it, wash it, dress it up, exercise with it and control it with our will. This body has its physical needs. Have you ever thought about how is it possible that we don't control our physical body at all?!😊
We can't influence its needs, rhythms nor processes inside of it - try to control your sleep, try not to excrete, we don't control craniosacral rhythm - basic rhythm of the body, we don't control the rhythm of the heart nor breathing, nor substance exchange, digestion, growth of hair, nails, reproduction... I really wanted to know how is it possible that the physical body works "beyond" me! And works like clockwork! God's Wisdom is in every cell of my body, in my DNA and in each inhale and exhale, in each move!!! 😊 
I know it today. Everything fits together beautifully! I know that the physical body is nourished by the etheric one. It's an energy that every one of us sees with physical eyes. Of course, only if you want and can concentrate in silence for a moment. It's a thin white light around every human, animal, plants, trees, minerals, things... Our body works in rhythms thanks to this energy, we grow, our cells regenerate, our wounds heal. Our etheric body is the energy of kingdom plantae. When you tear some part of a plant off, it grows back and continues growing. If an imbalance is created and the rhythms of the etheric body are violated, the kingdom plantae and its gifts- healing herbs, can help us to reach an equilibrium once again. The principle of the universe is an equilibrium.
The second body is an emotional (astral) one. Imagine an energetic field around your physical and etheric body, as if you were in a transparent colourful egg. And in which.... Weeeell, it's different for everybody. 😊 Colours, shapes, movement... Did you know that every emotion has a specific shape, colour, scent, dynamics, vibration and wants to be materialised on the physical level? Emotions have their levels, and so does everything. And some are beneficial to us, empowering our emotional body, but on contrary there are emotions which weaken and create holes in it! It depends on our inner mindset, stances, opinions, emotional patterns and to what extent can we keep order, Peace, Harmony, the mood of Happiness, Gratitude in this body... When you send out the lightning of anger you immediately create holes in your emotional body. The imbalance is created, weakening our immunity! 😊 Yes, the immunity of your physical body depends on purity, clarity and vibrational level of the emotional one. All emotions which are filled with light and good immediately empower your energy and improve your immunity! 😊 Do you know that every organ in the body not only has its physical function but is also connected to specific emotion and thought? For example: stomach ulcers are not caused by what you eat, but by what is eating you.
Our third body is a thought-mental one. And here is our control! 😊 We can start the process of Transformation here. Do you know how many thoughts cross your mind in a day? Could you write them down in the evening? Would you remember them all? We are always thinking about something. We can't exist without thoughts. They are always here. Approximately 25 000 thoughts cross our mind in a day and we can't remember even a mere 1%! What we can do, though, is to start consciously observing and filtrating ON WHAT WE ARE THINKING IN THIS MOMENT! That' s where I started my Transformation. I decided to FILTRATE and CLEAN my thought body! 😊
I was very young, it's more than 20 years now, when I experienced a miraculous recovery of my close beloved person. Doctors said that the diagnosis was incurable. Supposedly, it can be only stabilised and maintained. Everything inside of me opposed this medical “truth”. I was searching for a solution and I found it! The person is healthy today and is fully enjoying his life in health. 😊 He wasn't cured by the doctors. But by women, aware of the universal laws, energy flows in the body and the principle of the illness formation. They were wise, they had knowledge and they knew how to use it. The recovery took roughly 2 hours!!! The doctors said that the illness was incurable! Of course, when they only heal on the physical level and only the physical body. And that's not where the cause lies, only the effect. A miracle happened. I was a witness of it and ever since then whoever can tell me whatever about how they don't believe “it”. They are robbing themselves of the recognition of truth and empowering their EGO. My world has changed then. 😊 Completely! HOW IS IT POSSIBLEEE??? On a very simple principle. Everything is simple, it's just us making it unnecessarily complicated. Every imbalance – an ILLNESS, in the words of the doctors, has its cause in our emotional or thought-body. The physical body is a mere reflection of our thoughts and emotions. It's the physical reflection of our inner world! Of our thought and emotional body. Now, surely the existence of hereditary abnormalities and diseases, hereditary predispositions, genetics, DNA, outside influences and other adverse effects on the health will come to your mind. You thinking that is alright. 😊 Ego denies the responsibility for the physical health. Search for truth on your own, based on your experiences. I KNOW, I have RECOGNITION, that EVERYTHING on the physical level is the reflection of the inner world. Have you ever been cured from sore throat, severe allergy or back pain in few hours? Have you ever experienced a miracle? I have, many times. And you can as well! 😊 Don't believe in the MATRIX that you can only be cured by a doctor, and that you can't survive without a medication, that you can't help yourself. You can help yourself! YOU DO KNOW HOW!!! COINCIDENCE DOESN'T EXIST! We are the CAUSE and so are the EFFECT. Are you familiar with the old folk wisdom “As in the mountains called so from the mountain echoes” or “You reap what you sow”...
Really, it's simple. Only COURAGE to see TRUTH - CAUSE, that caused the imbalance, is all what is needed. In silence ask yourself, your higher SELF for the cause. What thoughts and emotions have caused this state? 😊                                               
I don't get ill often. I decided to be HEALTHY. I didn't believe the MATRIX that autumn is the flu season, etc...My children don't get ill either. I'm healthy and have a healthy body. And healthy children. Do you know, that our BIOFIELD is the ENVIRONMENT for also our children? What ambience do we crate for them? Full of fears, worries, doubts and negativism? Or Harmony, Love, Happiness, Comfort, Faith and Gratitude? The quality of our BIOFIELD is the IMMUNITY of our children. Think about how often do your children get ill? Do you worry about their health and fear them getting ill again? Do you expect them getting ill in a certain surrounding? You are programming it mentally. Energy goes with thought and materialises itself. Universe fulfils all your wishes with pleasure.😊 😊 😊   
I take care of my thought and emotional body every day. I keep order there. I clean my thoughts and emotions, as I shower my physical body, clean my teeth and face every morning and evening. In meditation and prayer. When I get filth on my hands throughout the day I clean them immediately. When I   make a   mess in my head and my heart with thoughts and emotions, I   clean them immediately. HOW?
I ask myself simple questions. I FILTER. What am I thinking about right now? Is this thought that I'm dealing with GOOD? Is it beneficial for me? Does it provide me with recognition? Does it get me any closer to my goal of being a better person? Does it fill me with a pleasant feeling? Does it create harmony, peace, happiness and gratitude in my inner world? Is this thought Creative or Destructive? Does this thought and emotion empower me or weaken me? And I immediately know what I have to do! 😊 😊 😊
Protect your BIOFIELD. Unconscious people have the tendency to make junkyard from your clean environment. Notice, that some people constantly talk about their problems, about problems of others, about others, about news in the tv... Those are all the thoughts that this person is unable to process, he fears, subconsciously he feels that he has to push them away and dump his mental and emotional trash somewhere else. 😊 Don't let him do that! He gets his relief and will feel better, he will tell you what a great conversation he had with you, but you end up feeling “under the weather”. Protect your environment against such people and learn how to take a neutral stance, don't deal with information that people throw at you, simply observe. Ask yourself. With what intention is this person telling me this? Does he need to dump his trash onto me or does he actually need my help? Ask him what is his solution? What solution would satisfy him? Is it in his power to change the situation, which he is describing, to the better? In other words, don't let yourself be DRAGGED into his MATRIX. 😊 Don't start to relive problems about which he tells you. Take a neutral stance and fill yourself with light, send out love-filled energetic caress and wish him all the best. 😊 You will create and strengthen your protective shield of your BIOFIELD. Protect your energy, your light, your ENVIRONMENT and KEEP IT CLEAN. And on contrary, protect biofields of those with whom you meet, talk and think about as well. 😊😊😊
Imagine that your inner world is a GARDEN. Your thoughts and emotions ( it's impossible to separate them) are the seeds. And you decide which ones will you water and which ones will you let to dry out. The one that you water will grow, it will grow into a tree and will bear fruits. Only YOU decide whether those fruits will be tasty and beneficial to your health or they will be poisonous! Nobody else.😊
My throat starts to hurt reeeeally bad sometimes- sore throat. Every imbalance in me has a very fast progress and is immediately materialised on the physical level. I sit down in peace and silence every time this happens to me. I replay my day. I search for the CAUSE of the sore throat in me. Bacteria are only the means by which my effect is being materialised on the physical level. 😊 But how does a “normal” person behave? He's looking for a culprit- Where was I? Who was ill there? From who did I catch it? People nowadays, going to public ill! They even said it in the tv that many people are ill now... so it's here, I have to stay home in bed again... those bacteria are so immune...I will make an appointment with a doctor tomorrow to pick up my antibiotics...😊😊😊 We are getting rid of our own responsibility. It's easier, that is true. However, in my first blog I wrote how at first angels whisper in your ears, then they tap you on the shoulder and if you don't react, they will hit you on your head with a hammer. ALARM goes off! You can recover from a sore throat within few hours. Without medication.
So, I sit in silence, looking for the cause in me. And no wonder, a situation where I SAID SOMETHING I SHOULDN'T HAVE or DIDN'T SAY SOMETHING I SHOULD HAVE always pops to my mind. Put into a bigger picture throat-communication-sore throat. If the pain is on the right side, the communication concerns someone from the outside. If on the left, I don't communicate properly with myself. When I come across the cause, I REPLAY THE ENTIRE SITUATION AGAIN. It's as if watching a movie and your situation is happening to someone else. Then you know how to deal with it. When you remove yourself from the situation. When you watch a film, you immediately know, whether the character is doing something good or not. I replay and RELIVE the situation again in this way. But with a different stance this time. I “repair” it in a sense. I always end it with the FORGIVENESS ritual. Honestly, by heart and truthfully. On three levels. On the first level - I ask the person, to which I behaved in the way that created imbalance, for forgiveness, I ask God (Universe, Source) for forgiveness and lastly I forgive myself for acting in ignorance. That's the hardest. Ego resonates quite loudly here. I learn from my mistake and I acquire recognition. And a miracle happens! A sore throat is gone. Had there been no sore throat, there would be no recognition. Had I been conscious and communicate in balance in given situation, there would be no sore throat. So I'm grateful for it! Illnesses are like indicator lights. ALARM. They warn us that something is not quite working in our thought and emotional body. And they have to hurt, otherwise we wouldn't even begin to deal with them. 😊😊😊 

Law of the Universe states: “As above, so below, as inside, so outside.” 😊 Never otherwise. 😊😊😊

With love 🙏,Andrea 💜


In this blog I will write about men and women. 😊
About what role do they have in a relationship and a marriage. About what is the purpose of those beautiful beings. About how a relationship can be either a slavery or a paradise. About the fact, that only a very small percentage of people realises that the connection of a MAN and a WOMAN is a sacred bond. And how the connection of a MAN and a WOMAN is a MYSTERIUM.
How does it work in those "normal" partnerships? Do people like being together? Does being nearby one another fill them with happiness? Do they laugh together? Or are they constantly trying to solve problems? With what INTENTION do people "take" one another nowadays? A family is pushing, because it is a tradition? ...a pregnancy?...they want to be "orderly"... that's how it's supposed to be... a girl dreams of the white dress from a very young age?... setting up a family?... Even in those words "take one as one's husband/wife" is something not quite right. It seems like the entrance into a slavery. Do two mature human beings marry each other or is it two unconscious children?!😊 Do men and women understand their PURPOSE in marriage? Do they even know that they have one? What does really connect two people in a marriage? Money? Mortgage and loan payment? Children? Attachment to one another? Image in front of others? Expectations of people close to them? What do partners enjoy doing together? Recently, I gave this question to a close friend of mine and she was at a loss for words... she couldn't answer for a moment... after a while, with tears in her eyes, she said "NOTHING" and understood that there is nothing that connects her with her husband besides their child. And that child has been ill for a very long time! Coincidence? That doesn't exist!!! What role models are we for our children? What environment - BIOFIELD do we create for them? What do we feed them with, what energy? Are children healthy or ill nowadays? What is the QUALITY OF THE RELATIONSHIPS?😊
During my Transformation I experienced various levels of partnerships. From the absolute worst "SLAVERY" - wanting to decide and own the partner, through emotional extortion, image in front of others, apathy towards each other, the shift from Love into a friendship all the way to conscious harmonic Loving partnership with the comprehension of its role.😊
My first marriage and relationship was a connection of two immature egotistical and egocentric beings full of fears, worries, mistrust, expectations, competition between one another, wanting to own and control the other, anger, blame and self-pity...😊 However, on the outside we were a beautiful almost an ideal couple.😊 On the inside chaos and fight. No integrity! What could we create? On the physical level two beautiful children, but on the mental and spiritual one, we were creating demons and those controlled us very well. They fed on us, raised us like a farm animals. 😊 We were destroying each other! We wanted to change one another! Our egos were denying our own mistakes and responsibility. We were two unhappy souls, that were once connected by a gleam of Love , but were unable to maintain it. But at the same time we craved Love. Everybody does. 😊 We weren't adding the logs into our sacred fire of Love but we let it die out. We didn't take care of it. We weren't feeding out spiritual child and eventually it died. We let our Love die. 😊 Our biofields and the shared biofield of our family wasn't filled with light but was full of dirt and dark. What a perfect environment for our children! And that's how it all ended. With destruction. When our unprocessed energies started to materialise on the health of our children, when my 3 years old son almost died in my arms in a hospital and nobody could diagnose him, I had to act! That was the last needed hit with a hammer on my head by the spiritual beings! Halooo, wake up already! Change it! Change yourself! ALARM!!!!!!😊😊😊
I understood!!! I changed myself and my entire life. If it's in harmony with good and light for everybody, the change is blessed.😊
WE, MEN and WOMEN, have a very important role! "Only" KNOWING and UNDERSTANDING it is what is left. An UNIVERSAL LAW states: "Ask and it will be given to you, seek and you will find, knock and the door will be opened to you" 😊 And so I asked, sought and knocked... Information that I wanted very much, somehow always came to me, it found its way. I attracted it into my life.
I gained RECOGNITION about the role of a WOMAN and a MAN. I'm going to share it with you.😊
Imagine a life-sized statue, depicting a woman, a man and a child.
The man is standing, leaning on a stick, which he's holding in his left hand and a lantern with a burning candle in his right lifted one. He's wearing a long violet cloak, with which he is protecting his woman and a child from behind. The red-violet colour is the colour of kings and of the first chakra in our energetic system. It expresses a relationship to matter, to the Earth. The man is standing upright and is looking into a distance with a decisive glance. He shines the light on the road with the lantern and sets the direction.
The woman is sitting in front of him in a close distance and her Love shines from her heart and face. She is wearing a dark-blue cloak and is holding the child in her arms. Blue is the colour of sky and of our 6th chakra- third eye, intuition, clairvoyance and connection with the higher SELF. The woman is looking at her child and is breastfeeding it.
That is the picture of an ideal partnership on the physical tangible level. When you start looking on whoever and whatever with a heart, other intangible levels start to show and you acquire deeper recognition. As you do from this statue.😊
A woman's role is to lit up and maintain the fire in the man's lantern. For without the fire and the light, the man can't see where he's headed. He strays. He needs the light! With what does the woman lit up the man's fire? On the physical level with a match. On the spiritual one with her inner light – with Love. With her purity of thoughts and emotions. Especially emotions. With her connection to spiritual worlds (blue cloak), with her recognition and living in harmony with the universal laws and cooperation with the hierarchy of spiritual beings. She is the man's spiritual impulse, she is his antenna and inspiration! A woman always has one foot either in heaven or hell. According to which she shines the man on the road, either to HEAVEN or to HELL!😊
A woman's role in a household is to keep cleanliness and serve food(woman is breastfeeding the child). It's important in what mindset she cleans and cooks. Her energy is in everything she does. Do you  enjoy cleaning and cooking? What energy do you put into the food for your family? CLEANING is a woman's role even on the level of emotional and thought-body of both partners! When two people get married, their BIOFIELD is immediately created. Their shared environment. I wrote about that here. It's no longer a work on the purity of only MY BIOFIELD, but also on the level of OUR BIOFIELD!!!😊 A woman's inner purity determines the quality of the relationships in the family!😊
BUT!!! A woman is able to shine with spiritual virtues and lit up the light in man's lantern only when she feels the protective shield (violet cloak) of her man behind her, when she sees that the man has a clear goal, the man knows where he's headed,only then the woman can shine him on his road. When the man is stronger in the thought-world than she is and he stands firmly in matter (a stick). A woman needs a conscious man. For without him she cannot fulfil her role!!! 😊
A man needs FAITH from his woman and a woman needs PROTECTION from her man!
A man is an ACTIVE principle – giving, activity, realisation, transformation of matter, element FIRE, DAY etc.                                                                                                                                              A woman is a PASSIVE principle – receiving, inner transformation, calmness, element WATER, NIGHT. 😊
The partnership of a man and a woman reflects the universal law of polarity, JING and JANG. 😊  
A Woman and a Man, opposite principles at first glance, complete each other to one whole, one is created in another, one cannot exist without the other, one cannot create without the other! They are able to CREATE only with the conscious collaboration in Love. As day and night, as moon and sun, as warmth and coldness, as black and white...😊
Even a seed attracts energy into itself in quietness, darkness and wetness at first, it starts growing roots, and eventually sprouts. Sunlight and moonlight, water and fire - light and heat are required for its growth. And only after the patient collaboration of two principles and all of the elements it can bear fruits!😊
A child is a physical reflection, created as a result of the connection between a man and a woman on the material level. A woman feeds the child. Regularly, every day. The child would die otherwise. However, a man and a woman have a CHILD on the mental and spiritual level as well! Their child is either Love or Destruction. 😊😊😊
A man and a woman are as two GRINDING STONES, whose aim is to grind one another into beautiful DIAMONDS, shining with Purity, Love, Prosperity, Health, Happiness, Recognition...😊
A man and a woman are TWO PILLARS, supporting one roof. One pillar cannot lean on the other otherwise the roof would fall. A man and a woman is a creative cooperation of two conscious free human beings in whose lies the eternal spark of Love. 😊 Our goal is to implement spirituality with our spiritual recognition into matter. With the VIRTUES OF A KING AND A QUEEN. Did you know, that only highly spiritually-privy mature beings could enter into marriage in the past? Only the kings and queens? Not for their status or their fortune. Simply for their virtues of a king and a queen. And so they could create, decide, and rule with wisdom in high and pure vibrations, connected to their spiritual mentors.😊
I know now that a relationship is the most beautiful ROAD to RECOGNITION.😊 Of myself, of others and of God(Source, Universe...). It always reflects myself. It's an universal law. I was struck upon hearing it the very first time. A PARTNER and the quality of my RELATIONSHIP is my MIRROR! What I dislike on the other, reflects what is INSIDE OF ME.😊 Only what I already have can resonate. The Law of resonance, the Law of attraction of homogeneous. Similar attracts similar. Only what I already have, reacts. I react to what I already have. And my soul senses, that it needs to be transformed, so it points it out through reflecting it in different people. To put it simply: My experience is based on me percepting the reflection of my radiation. 😊
Pheeew...this was truly too much for me. EGO reacted immediately, that it's the stupidest thing I have ever heard and it surely is not like that!!!!!!!!!! 😊 Believe me, it is! But everybody finds out TRUTH only by their own recognition. Instead of judging and condemning others I started to observe myself. I started to note, what I dislike about others and there was a loooooot.... First step is to admit it. Accept that I have it as well! By doing so EGO will lose its power over you and you will weaken it. Allowing your higher SELF to speak up and guide you through your transformation. With gratitude and humility accept all your flaws. Be truthful and kind to yourself. And start to change in specific situations.
I wrote about that here. React differently.😊
A few months ago my 18 years old son told me:”Mum, had I not seen how you two live and behave to one another after all those years, I would never believe in Love. I want to have a relationship like yours. When I see all those awful sick relationships all around me, you give me hope and faith.”... I think that such genuine words of a teenage boy are the most beautiful thing a child can give to you. In such moments I know that I'm on the right road and I shine!😊... and my son attracted a beautiful (also on the inside) girl into his life, that is exactly like the one he desired...😊
If you want a miracle, THANK YOUR MAN(your woman, child) FOR EXISTING. For them being a part of your life. For thanks to them you can get to know yourself and transform your personality. Every person, that loves you, is a precious gift. I thank God for those gifts every day. 😊
With Love, Andrea 💖


My relationships are my Transformation. Your relationships are YOURS. The relationship with YOURSELF, with GOD and with others. Everything „STANDS“ or „FALLS“ on relationships! Relationships are bridges. Energy flows. The manifestation of the universal laws. Relationships are the grinding stones of ourselves.
They are the best and the most effective form of TRANSFORMATION.😊  

For a better understanding of this blog, read this one first. 😊

Imagine two people, a man and a woman, that are sitting in front of one another. An angel, shinning with Love towards these two beings, approaches them. Standing sideways to them, he shows them a COIN. He's holding it in a way that both of them only see one side of the coin. The three of them are looking at the same coin. The angel askes them to describe what they see. The woman sees HEADS (picture) and the man sees TAILS (number). The angel doesn't see heads nor tails. He sees the coin from the side as a strip of metal. However, he knows that the coin has two more sides, that he can't see. He knows that they are there. 😊

The man says he sees tails. The woman starts laughing to the man's face, if he is blind when he doesn't see that large picture. She doesn't see any number, that's stupid, there is no number there! The man screams at the woman angrily, that she is the blind one, because he can clearly see a large number. That she should stop making up pictures! And they start to quarrel. They start to prove their truth to one another. They want to humiliate one another. They judge and condemn each another. Two truths in two MATRIXES! Never-ending story until one of them gives up. Cry, hysteria, anger outbursts, self-pity, and umbrage. One of them gives up, admits the truth to the other one, even though one sees it differently! But does one really admit it? Or does one simply want peace? Will this approach exude more love towards one's partner, or on contrary, will one suppresses anger and their thoughts and feelings are not going to be filled with love? After all, it's a fight in which they both lost and are preparing for counter-attack or retribution, if you will. “Just wait I'll show you who is right next time“... Egos fight between themselves. Little demons are celebrating. They have a feast. 😊 These dark beings are feeding on the negative, low and heavy energy of emotions and thoughts. That's why they tease and support both of them in the fight! Once I'm a JUDGE and once I'm a VICTIM. Everlasting GAME for energy of the other. I wrote about that here. Essentially, it's a team play because a human is never alone in it. Either an angel or a demon is standing beside him! The angel is giving and the demon is taking. The angel is whispering, the demon is shouting. You can only hear the angel when you silence yourself internally.

The Angel is sadly observing what those two are doing.😊  He sees two immature kids that are defending their own truth, unwilling to admit that the other opinion can also be a part of their truth. Their souls do not desire the RECOGNITION of the real TRUTH. These people are trapped! They are in the possession of their EGO and its group of little demons. They are both losing! Where did the mutual Respect and Love, that once was there, go? The ANGEL decides to help them. He loves them. 😊😊😊
When the man and woman, exhausted from fighting, calm down, the Angel, silently shinning with Love, asks them:
“Do you remember that precious day and that beautiful moment when you saw each other for the very FIRST TIME and that precious moment when you fell in love for each other? When your hearts ignited with Love for the very first time?“
And they remembered. 😊 A memory sparked the Love in their hearts once again. Trough Love he reminded them a fulfilled state of soul when they were the most beautiful and the most important beings in the entire Universe for one another. When he was a KING in her eyes and she was a Queen in his – a goddess he wanted to protect from the entire world as the most precious diamond. When each moment spent together was a treasure for them. When they saw each other with Love and Respect. When they turned to God with gratitude and thanked him for the gift of LOVING and being LOVED. 😊😊😊
They both feel their hearts softening and lighting up with Love. The Angel asks them to look at each other the same way they did when they fell in love. They look at one another and their eyes fill with cleansing tears. They see each other again. 😊 They see the king and the queen again. The Angel takes the COIN and shows it to them once again. He asks them to say what they see. The woman sees the picture. But says nothing. He passes the coin to the man and he sees the number. The woman doesn't let her ego get in the way and doesn't pick a fight with the man. She wants to know the whole truth about the coin, because she sees something different from what her beloved man does. How is it possible that we are both looking at the same thing, yet see something different? It interests me why my man sees it differently. The woman takes the coin into her hands, turns it around and notices a number on the other side. She passes the coin to the man, who sees a smile and understanding on her face. He turns the coin around as well. He finds out that there is a picture on the other side. They look at each other and start laughing. They forgive each other for being so ignorant and seeing ONLY ONE SIDE OF THE COIN. Happiness in their hearts sparks the fire of Love even more. Their soul and spiritual bodies shine with light! The cells of physical body shine and heal themselves. The Angel shines with Love. He served his purpose. Desire for TRUTH through Recognition leads to the RECOGNITION OF TRUTH. 😊

The angels bring these COINS – SITUATIONS into our life constantly through which we ought to come to recognition of truth through understanding and Transform ourselves into wiser, better,  healthier, richer, more creative and beautiful beings filled with Light, Love, Harmony, Balance … 😊

The coin is daily situations, which we experience in a partnership. We only tend to see one side of the coin. We screen our movie, our Matrix. The partner sees the other side. His movie, his Matrix. Only then, when we look at these situations through the eyes of our partner and as if from the ABOVE – from our higher-SELF, we can come to the RECOGNITION OF TRUTH. For a moment I will sit in his cinema into his Matrix. He will do the same. Then I dissociate from the situation and I observe it from the above! Conscious beings are fully aware of the CONSEQUENCES OF THEIR ACTIONS, WORDS, EMOTIONS and THOUGHTS !!! 😊
Before reacting to any situation I ask myself: “Am I about to react from my HEART or my EGO?  Am I going to react like a QUEEN or like a hysteric cow? To whom am I going to give my energy? To the Angel or Demon? What is my goal? To create or to destroy?“ By asking myself these questions and by forcing my intuition to respond, I internally calm myself and I acquire an overview. I will give space to my higher SELF. Better measure three times and cut once!  

I will describe you a SPECIFIC EXAMPLE. 😊 It's a common situation in a partnership. Common COIN. But it is the little things, about which people fight the most, sometimes to the extent of hurting each other or even breaking up.
One time, my friend came over for a morning coffee. We were sitting downstairs in the kitchen, giggling on something, simply enjoying the present moment. My beloved husband came to join us later. He walked down the stairs and approached us with a serious look on his face. He said:“Love, I was in the shower in our bathroom and the drain was clogged. Once again the drain was full of your hair. So, I was cleaning it until now.“ - THE COIN

How would a woman react from her EGO? She would take it PERSONALLY, as a CRITICISM. Throwing a hat as a challenge to fight!  The REACTION would be as follows: “Why are you talking about it in front of our guest? And so what if you cleaned it? You came to boast about how amazing you are or what? You want a medal? You clean it once a year and you make such a fuss about it. Do you have any idea how many times I had to clean that drain myself? And I don't mention it. And besides that I always clean the basin and the mirror cause you always splash them with water like a duck. Do you know all the things I have to do without you even realising? Should I name all of them? … and the emotions are escalating!!! 😊
How would a man react from his EGO?
I asked my beloved husband to “delve“ into the situation, which I reminded him of, and to react differently as he originally did. To react from EGO. It took him a while and he was sick from the imagination, that we would actually have to communicate like this, but these words came out of his mouth at last: “Why did I, fool, cleaned it, do it yourself next time! I also don't tell you what I do all day.“
Saying those words made him feel really sick. How many people live like this, though? For how many relationships is their household – their BIOFIELD – their ENVIRONMENT I wrote about that here a BATTLEFIELD instead of creating their FIELD OF LOVE? And what exactly happened? The man told the woman nothing but the truth in this COIN. He only described the situation, that he did something. And she? She poured a bucket of emotional smog on him!

My Transformation taught me to react from the HEART. 😊 My reaction was with an overview. In this situation, I looked at my husband with gratitude. Every time I see him I can't help myself but smile.😊 My heart fills with happiness. 😊 If you allow RESPECT to leave your relationship, so will Love, gradually. Respect are logs which we add to the fire of Love to maintain it.

In the described COIN, this was my reaction: “My love, thank you for doing that, I already thought about doing it myself. I certainly wouldn't do it as precisely as you. Thank you very much, really. You're a sweetheart.“
My husband looked at me with a smile and we both started laughing out loud. 😊 We added a log to the fire of our Love. After witnessing this, my friend said: “This was a perfect lesson of conscious communication for me. I would be irritated, even take it as a criticism and probably start fighting.“ 😊

A relationship is the most beautiful way to a personal change – TRANSFORMATION through understanding yourself in cooperation with your partner, who too is consciously working on his personality through his own recognition.
Unraveling TRUTH should be FUN and not a punishment. 😊

With Love Andrea 😊

                                                                         8. CHILDREN

My stances to at-first-glance obvious things were gradually changing throughout my Transformation. One of them were CHILDREN. When I  wanted to move forward, in a  certain phase, it was necessary to get rid off the programmed patterns, emotional blocks and the patterns of thinking and acting from my parents, that I  created as a  CHILD. 😊
The time has come to clean out our Ancestral Lineages. But that’s a topic for next time.
RECOGNIZING TRUTH was very hard, painful at times, yet beautifully freeing. It’s as if getting rid of several layers of old clothes, that you gradually attire yourself with, continuously adding more and more layers and wearing them because you think that THIS IS YOU. And these layers of clothing, with their weight, prevent you from jumping into the air with cheer happiness, flying, even breathing. And a thought of removing all those layers and flying crosses your mind indeed, but you are caught by some strange feeling of GUILT and FEAR, because your parents say: ”Put that coat back on!” 😊
It was the same with me. And I think, that it was the same with every one of us.
Ever since my childhood all I heard from my parents, teachers and friends was their opinions about me. We all go through this. They were forming us. Unconsciously. I heard WHAT I AM, how are things “SUPPOSED TO BE” from them, their opinions and stances, their programmed patterns of behavior and thinking and various others dysfunctional programs that they were holding on to out of fear were forming me. You are this and that… resonated from every direction several times a day. 😊
Children are being internally formed until the 3rd year of their life the most, because during this time they are continuously listening to what they are like. Until they start to BELIEVE that they REALLY ARE LIKE THAT! 😊
“You are skillful or you are clumsy… you are so kind or you are impolite, you are good, you are slow, you are too quick, you are making up things, you are lying, you are too afraid, you are too brave, you eat too little, you eat too much, you are too thin, you are not going to be a singer, you are going to be a president… and so on. 😊
And the “HOW IS WHAT SUPPOSED TO BE DONE” programs!!! Everything, that is on the plate is SUPPOSED to be eaten, you are SUPPOSED to sleep during the lunchtime, that is not SUPPOSED to be done like this, that is not how you are SUPPOSED to be wearing that, you are to obey, you are not SUPPOSED to jump into a puddle. And negative programs. Don’t run, or you will fall, don’t crawl there, or something bad will happen to you, watch carefully, so that you are not hit by a car, put that sharp thing away, or you will stab your eye with it, don’t to that, or something will happen… I remember how my child’s soul would resist upon hearing these words… 😊😊😊
What do we receive with these negative expressions and mental programming of a child’s soul from our parents into our subconsciousness? Conscious supportive programs full of Love or subconscious programs full of fear and programmed general opinions? We model and create. Are we going to create a person with low self-esteem full of fears, worries, the feelings of guilt or an egotistical, proud, vain being that is proving his self-worth with violence and by judging others, because he feels small on the inside? 😊
The prenatal development and the first three years of child’s life are the most important period in a person’s life. That’s where you sow. What is sowed and watered can TAKE ROOT and GROW. The first experience of fear is like a tree’s root . From which sprout another branches and trees! Mainly low self-esteem, fears, worries and doubts were being sowed in our generation! But who knew about it? My parents didn’t. Neither did their parents. Nor did I with my first child. Only my first son started to open my heart in this direction. Only in the time of my parenthood I started to fully recognize THE LAWS OF THE UNIVERSE I wrote about that here and my RESPONSIBILITY. 😊
Today I know that the SOUL OF A CHILD CHOOSES ITS PARENTS ON ITS OWN. 😊 I know it, it’s my RECOGNITION. 😊 Throughout my Transformation I gradually cleanse my subconsciousness - freeing myself, letting go of the weights and learning to fly higher. To raise your vibrations and to tune onto higher energies, you simply need to let go of all of the weights, that keep you in a certain height. It’s like with a balloon that wants to fly higher. You have to drop everything, that is weighting you down. 😊😊😊 At the very beginning of my journey, whenever I wanted to move forward, I would often hit emotional blocks, that were created during my prenatal development. I was searching for a way to free myself from these old unnecessary programs. 
The most effective one, that I know and already tried several times is REGRESSION THERAPY. It’s a very efficient way for understanding, transforming and cleansing yourself of mental and emotional blocks from the past or from your other lives. Many therapists are capable of doing so. But beware of who you let to handle your subconsciousness, your energy, with whom you form an energetic canal. I let someone do it only when my heart says YES. The lady, whose service I used many times before, was being attracted into my life for 5 years. She only came when I was fully ready! 😊
I was born with my pelvic floor first. In different words with my bottom. Children are naturally born with their head. Just before my birth, I turned around and sat down with my head facing upwards. The doctor couldn’t understand it, because few days before my head was facing downwards. Supposedly, it happens. Coincidentally! It was a very difficult labor for my mother as well as for me. Both of our lives were put on the line. However, I knew that it wasn’t a mere coincidence! Until the time came when I wanted to understand it. During the regression therapy into my PRENATAL 9-MONTH-LONG DEVELOPMENT, I came to the very beginning. I remembered why I, the IMMORTAL SOUL, chose my mother and father in this life. I needed to experience my father’s PROBITY and my mother’s PATIENCE. That moment of realization is indescribable with words. There’s UNDERSTANDING, LOVE, GRATITUDE, FREEDOM AND THE RECOGNITION OF TRUTH all in one. 😊 My parents are great people. I love them. They have been together for more than 50 years. I understood that the Soul chooses its parents, and what it needs to experience on its own. It knows exactly what it’s signing up for. It sees its possibilities, karmic nodes, crossroads, thus knowing its options. If it is willing to consciously work on itself, develop, experiencing certain karmic situations will no longer be necessary. It will no longer have to suffer to come to recognition 😊
During the regress, I saw myself as a soul in my mother’s biofield, connected with my evolving body only energetically. This is where I fully experienced my mother’s emotion, when she found out she was pregnant and the reaction of my father. I saw them, I felt them. I relived my entering into the evolving body in my mother, I relived every month of my prenatal development and exactly felt when the emotional blocks were created. They always arose from situations to which my mother had an intense emotional reaction. 
Today I know, what an immense responsibility I have, as a MOTHER, for my every thought and emotion from the conception to the very first glance into the eyes of a new born child. The moment when a woman finds out she is pregnant gives the basis to the child’s mental state! 😊 Even if the soul is still not embodied, it is already connected to the energetic system of the mother, thus sensing everything. Should a mother not receive the news with excitement and joy, should she let in negative thoughts even for a moment, the soul is going to beg for the mother’s attention and it will need to feel the mother’s Love constantly. It’s as if it had a closed door, knocking on them with ”helooo, here I am, open up and notice me”. If a woman is indecisive in the moment of discovery, it’s as if the doors were half opened and the souls is uncertain if it’s awaited or if simply somebody forgot to close them. It shall behave in accordance. If a woman receives the news about the pregnancy with happiness, the souls feels as if the doors were opened and everybody is awaiting it with a warm welcome. 😊
A child is developed in an amniotic sack, which is filled with water. Water is the most potent conductor of emotions. 😊 A strong emotion will bring us to tears (from either happiness or sadness), a frightening experience can cause a leakage of urine and so on. Water is a carrier of emotions. So, imagine that small innocent developing being in its mother’s womb, in her water. In her emotions. It’s fully soaked, living in them, from them. That’s why, the ambience in which a pregnant woman resides, the way her partner treats her, what she reads and what information are being soaked into her biofield are all very important. A child senses its father through mother’s emotions. It’s building a relationship with him through mother’s eyes. That’s why a pregnant woman is sacred, protected and needs her partner’s Love. 😊 With her experience, a woman gives mental basis to her child- an incarnated soul. Helping it with Love, or negatively forming it and supplying it with emotional blocks. During the regression therapy, I realized how much I Love my mother. It happened in the 6th month, when it was clear to everybody that she was pregnant, her friends, in fact, all women were telling her stories about their labor and all the possible scenarios that could happen. The worse the scenario, the better!!! 😊 There was only one book by Hegel 44 years ago. There was no sonogram, no youtube, no Internet, nor any preparation for labor. My mother had a panic attack. With the time of the labor approaching, her worries and fear were only getting worse. So I, out of Love towards her, decided to not be born! 😊 I turned around in her womb and was constantly sending her thoughts filled with Love. I really wanted her to calm down, that no labor is happening, therefore she doesn’t have to be worried about me anymore! That’s where more emotional blocks were created. But it still came. The labor. During which more emotional blocks of fear were created. And even more afterwards. During regress, it is necessary to not only relive everything as it happened, but also how it was after Understanding the situation, devoid of fear, but with Recognition now. 😊 BY RELIVING, UNDERSTANDING and RECOGNIZING, WE CAN CHANGE THE PAST, so that THE PRESENT CAN BE CHANGED TOGETHER WITH THE FUTURE, OF COURSE. It’s all in one anyway. 😊😊😊
I felt the need to share this experience. It taught me a lot. It changed me, changed my attitude towards my mother, towards myself, brought me RECOGNITION OF TRUTH and FREED ME! 😊😊😊 I understood that I am nobody’s child. Neither are my children. And neither are yours. We all have only one father and one mother! 😊 We are souls which, through incarnations, gather experience that will help them develop into better beings with higher vibrations, so we can acquire Recognition and Wisdom to become Happy, Healthy and gifted with Abundance on all of the levels! 😊😊😊 We possess great power to either create or destroy. We have a great responsibility for the way we treat other souls- children, that chose us to be their parents in this life. Our responsibility begins with the CONCEPTION. Not with the child’s birth. Even if the MATRIX is trying to tell us otherwise, manipulating us into thinking that a child is just a mere fetus until its birth, that we live only once, that there is no soul and that an incarnation is nonsense. Through educational system, the MATRIX is destroying creativity and the authentic personality of our children. Raising them into obedient slaves focused on being rated with marks, without having the option to express their own opinion, create and decide. Please, let’s be responsible in this field as well and let’s not allow it. Let’s support our children in doing what makes them happy and help them to develop into better beings and not into blocked and mentally programmed slaves to the system. Let’s help them develop their talents, skills and their virtues. That’s our responsibility . 😊
I’m extremely happy when I see conscious mature mothers and fathers, who already know how to raise their children, all around me. They know that today’s children are “different”. They don’t need any restrictions, commands and dealing with their parents fears! What they need is GUIDANCE, parents that will guide them through life as the most important guests and will be their role models. To become the conscious guides of our children, we need RECOGNTION. 😊
Listen to our hearts. When we connect ourselves to the sky, tree, flower, stone, Sun, bird or anything else created by GOD – nature, we can feel it. We can feel, that it’s not our first time here. We can feel that we are part of everything. We are loved and never alone. 😊
With Love Andrea 💙

                                               9.  THE STORY OF POVERTY

At the beginning of my transformational journey, I   heard this STORY from one lady. EVERYTHING can be found in it! 😊 The Wisdom of world, Universal laws, but above all the “crooked, human, so-called Love”. It truly touched my heart and from that moment on it’s alive in it. It’s been for more than 18 years now. I wish your heart will open to the wisdom of this story as well. 😊😊😊
Verdict of a judge: “Sentenced to death by hanging. Life for life!”
According to the convicted it was a “mere” unfortunate accident. Killed a man during a burglary. Didn’t intend to. It was an unplanned sequence of events. He “just” wanted to steal. 😊
Now standing on gallows, sadly glancing at the rope, grief and fear in his heart. Gazing into the screaming mob, that agrees with his final judgment. 😊 Their eyes meet. He and his mother. Both in tears, quietly staring at each other, their hearts suffering. Desperation, regret… an impending doom of death in the air. He is only 21 years of age, whole life ahead of him! A moment of repentance and remission has just begun. The priest is approaching him slowly. Asking the convicted if he is aware of who or what had caused such a horrid tragedy. The convicted answers: “Yes, I know why I have to die now. One NEEDLE is to be blamed. Today I die because of a NEEDLE.” 😊
When he was still a very small boy, he was lively and fond of exploring new things. 😊 He would spend his days with other boys from his village, always returning home in dirty and torn clothes. His father died very soon. Only raised by his mother. She was a simple poor woman, that could hardly support them. One day the boy came home with completely torn trousers. Mother looked at him sadden expression and says: “ Son, I would like to amend your trousers, but we are so poor, that I can’t afford to buy a needle. The old one broke this morning and I don’t have the money for a new one. You are going to have to wear those torn trousers.” The boy watched her crying mother and felt sorry for her. He is not going to allow her to be upset for one small needle. 😊 He had a plan. He devised it! An idea! There is a tailor living in a nearby village and he surely has sooo many needles, that he won’t even notice if one disappears…the more he thought about it, the more courage he gathered. His mother will no longer need to cry. 😊 And he needs his trousers amended. 😊 He stealthily sneaked into the tailor’s house and took one of his NEEDLES. His heart pounding as a drum. But he made it! He has it, he has the needle, his mother can stop crying now, and the holes on his trousers are going to be sewn up! He brought the needle home to his mother. 😊 He says: ”Mother, I brought you a needle so you won’t be upset and worried about our poverty and have something to sew my trousers with!” Mother looked at him with a smile on her face. This brightened up her mood and she immediately started to sew his trousers with a loving smile. They both fell asleep with smiles on their faces. Few days later the son came home and saw his mournful mother crying in the kitchen, with her head hidden in her palms. Sobbing. He asks her:” What happened, mother?” And his mother sobbingly tells him how their last hen, that bore an egg a day for them, was killed by a marten from the woods. And now she can’t prepare any food for him, because she can’t afford to buy eggs. The boy looked at the worried mother and rage blinded his heart. Stupid marten! What are they going to eat now? He won’t let his mother cry because she doesn’t have any food to put on their plates! He loves his mother! 😊 And he is hungry as a wolf. An idea came quickly. He is going to take a trip to the next village and steal a farmer’s hen. He has loads of them anyway. And the fact than one disappears will be left unnoticed! The tailor is not missing the stolen needle, and nobody is looking for it. An excellent idea. And so, it shall happen! When the sun set he sneaked into the farmer’s chicken coop and stole three hens. Three hens will bring three eggs a day, that’s more than just one! He is always hungry nonetheless, and his mother will finally be able to eat properly! He brought the three hens home to his mother. She immediately jumped from the table with happiness, embracing her son. 😊
From that moment onwards, they never suffered from hunger. And the number of animals on their yard was increasing. The mother was happy and thankful for her son taking such a good care of them. There were increasingly more animals and also things in the poor cottage. They no longer suffered from hunger or misery. The boy would still go on his nocturnal endeavours. He knew exactly who lived where and also what they possessed, according to which he provided anything what he or his mother needed. Until… His mother fell ill. She lay in bed with a high temperature, moaning in pain. The boy called a doctor from a neighboring village. He examined her and found out that she is seriously ill and in dire need of medication. The boy was left with a prescription in his hand. Medications were expensive, and he didn’t have any money. His mother was suffering in front of his eyes and the boy’s heart was dying from fear.  An idea came! They have loads of money in a bank and if he takes just a small amount, nobody will even notice! 😊 He will provide the medication for his mother! He waited until it got dark and took off into the town to steal. He knew exactly where the bank was and knew where the safe was as well, but he didn’t know about an old guard. The boy broke the cellar window and sneaked into the bank. He quietly entered the room with the safe, opened it and started to put the money into a bag. What he didn’t account for, though, was that the old guard didn’t sleep at night, but did his job respectively. He heard the thief and followed him. He had an old gun that he had never used before and did not intend on doing so. He just wanted to catch the thief and bring him to justice. They met face to face. The boy panicked. Nobody has ever caught him during his thievery. He tried to run away from the guard but to no avail. When it came to a fight the gun was shot. Neither of them had the intention to kill that night. The boy was simply saving his mother and the guard was just doing his job. The old guard died by the hands of the boy. Everything for one small NEEDLE. 😊
His words “one NEEDLE is to be blamed” are deeply rooted in my heart. 😊
Sometimes a very little is needed, and everything can be different. A small change causes a completely different outcome. If you change + sign to - in a math problem, this small change can alter the result remarkably! The universal laws are our signs and rules. 😊 You can read more about that here.
This story is not only about the nurture of your children and about what boundaries do we give them, what we teach them, in what we support them, but also about us. About our RESPONSIBILITY, CLARITY OF THINKING AND HONESTY. 😊 What surprised me the most about this story was that the mother never once tried to ask from where did the boy get that needle?!
AND A SEED WAS SOWED!!! And grew, until it brought fruit. What was sowed, was also REAPED. You can read more about that here. The evil always wants more. It won’t leave you in peace. It forces you to action, forces you to steal and take. And brain? That has such software which we upload on it. Brain can excuse and rationalize any action. It’s a good servant to EGO. 😊
This story is about OUR INNER POVERTY. About our inner world. About our approach to life. If we are going to cry about the given situation, that is unfavorable and let others deal with it for us… It’s about if we strip ourselves of our own responsibility for our life and will take others down with us. And they will help us out of Love or pity. 😊 PITY is not a virtue. It’s a destructive passion. It overwhelms your inner world with emotion and the feeling of guilt, striping us from our inner freedom and light. Compassion is a virtue. Compassion means to light up the road out of misfortune for somebody. So that we are not overwhelmed with an emotion. So that our light brings them HOPE and CREATIVE IDEAS. .😊😊😊
Internally poor people don’t have ideas, they don’t create new things, they only cry, complain and expect that somebody will save them out of their misery and they like to steal. 😊
THIEVERY is not just when you physically take something from someone without their consent or knowledge. Thievery happens on the intangible level as well. 😊 We are the thieves whenever we steal energy from other people- their dreams, desires, wishes, hope… We steal energy when we envy, hate or are jealous… The universe doesn’t recognize on what level we steal. We either do it or don’t. YES or NO! All of the levels are equally important, and the universal laws are applied on all of them the same way!!! The universal laws are fair. They provide everybody with what they deserve! 😊 All of this is in the story… 😊
When I was still a child I had a favourite book in my parent’s library. I would just go through the pages, looking at the pictures sometimes. That book attracted me incredibly. When I finally learnt how to read I found out that it was a collection of poems by J.W.Göethe. Then, I had no idea that he was one of the votaries- spiritually very matured being incarnated on Earth. As with the story about a NEEDLE, the motto in this book of poems has been alive in my heart ever since childhood.
A healthy person without money is half sick.” J.W.Göethe.😊😊😊

Naturally, I didn’t understand these words then, but my childish souls knew that the TRUTH was hidden in this book. 😊 I had it written everywhere. In my notebooks, diaries, phone… However, truth is incomprehensible with brain. You can’t grasp and understand these words of wisdom with brain. To recognize the truth, we need to think with heart- to feel. 😊
Today I know what it means. My Transformation brought me RECOGNITION hidden in this wise sentence. 😊
Poverty is not a virtue, poverty is an illness. Illness of thinking, feeling, our stances. An illness of thinking is followed by an illness of the physical body. Negative energy is making its way onto the tangible level. That’s the law! 😊😊😊
I DECIDED TO BE HEALTHY -in thinking, feeling, acting, on the spiritual, mental and physical level. 😊
I wish you HEALTH on all of the levels of your being and may ABUNDANCE gift you with whatever your heart desires on all of the levels.

With Love Andrea💜


Today, I'm going to write about the 5 most potent DESTRUCTIVE PASSIONS and the 12 VIRTUES which I had encountered throughout my Transformation. 😊 Imagine a several-stories-high building – a pyramid, for instance. Most people reside on the lowest floor, they're the least self-aware, gradually, as we climb up the stairs, less and less people live on each floor. The higher we go, the more self-aware and wiser people are. The higher we go, the clearer we see, feel,sense, our vibrations change, they increase. The aim of this game is to climb to the highest floor. 😊

My soul was and still is as curious as a small CHILD, with RESPECT and ADMIRATION, staring into the heights of the Universe and the blue sky, into the depths of water and earth, listening to the wind and storm with astonishment, unable to avert my eyes from the vitality of the Sun and fire... 😊  A strong desire to recognize the meaning, purpose, wisdom and to know the cause, the source lies within me... The route of RECOGNITION begins with this STATE OF SOUL. Being eager for the acquisition of information and findings and logically evaluating them with BRAIN is not enough. That's not recognition.  ADMIRABLE and RESPECTFUL STATE OF SOUL towards everything unknown, towards the Wisdom of the Universe in everything you lay your eyes upon, is needed to start the TRANSFORMATIONAL journey. THAT'S WHERE THE JOURNEY TO RECOGNITION BEGINS! 😊

The journey of RECOGNIZING TRUTH – TRANSFORMATION is beautiful yet challenging at the same time. Not once does it come with misunderstanding and condemning of your surroundings. 😊 And exactly when people around you start to behave strangely, is a SIGNAL that you are headed in the right direction! That's when you moved and made a change. You're reaching a higher floor and your vibrations increased. 😊 That's when you got your Ego under control and since it no longer has you in its palms, it is sending S.O.S. to his friends, the Egos of other people, to drag you back down!!! 😊 There's still a chance for dark beings to drag you back through the egos of others, that also react to your change. People in your closest circle start to showcase the most powerful tool of the dark - FEAR! 😊 People don't want you to change!!! 😊 They fear changes. They fear losing you, fear that you are no longer the person you once were, fear that something in their life is about to change, fear of loss! For years I've been listening to: „ You changed somehow, you're not like you were then..“ 😊😊😊I've lost friends and close acquaintances several times. 😊 We stopped resonating on the same wavelength. Suddenly we didn't get along anymore. I really wanted them to move forward as well, to recognize what I did, to crave recognition, to have the COURAGE for CHANGE. 😊 We could stay together then! But that didn't happen. 😊 FEAR and DESTRUCTIVE EMOTIONS had them enslaved and held them tightly in the Matrix illusion. 😊 I, on the other hand, continued onto other floors. New vibrations gradually attracted new people into my life. I experienced the transfer from one vibrational level(floor) onto next more subtle one twice already, currently preparing for my third one. A DIFFICULT CHALLENGE comes with each one. It's like in a school. At the end of each term you have to pass exams that comprise everything that was covered that year. A student only receives such exam that he is capable of passing! That's the Universal law. I wrote about that here. 😊😊😊That's how it works! I realised that everything is about the quality of my energy, about its vibration. The aim of the transformation is to convert (transform) the gross mass and the gross thoughts and feelings- DESTRUCTIVE PASSIONS and vices into softer, brighter energies, filled with light and love – VIRTUES, through RECOGNITION. Succeed at this and you shall move onto a higher floor. 😊 
The aim of the game is to climb from the gross vibrations of the first energetic floors, full of wiles and decoys, up onto the higher floors. 😊 The sun doesn't shine on the lower floors, there's only chill, cold and even floods sometimes, a person doesn't understand the meaning of his life, so he just lives from one day to another, treating himself to short-term gratification with destruction. 😊 The person becomes the dairy cow of his own energy for the dark entities. He lives in his own Matrix, receiving destructive information from media, living in fear with destructive emotions and thoughts, not thinking about what he eats, what he speaks, how he thinks and feels, gradually falling ill, because gross negative energy wants to be materialised in matter! The intangible world of thoughts and feelings is the WORLD OF CAUSES and the physical tangible level is the WORLD OF EFFECTS! So, the person treats himself on the physical level with medication, ultimately destroying himself even more. Blaming others for his state, he somehow gets by with a very small amount of money until he eventually passes away in pain and ignorance. And the cycle of reincarnation begins with the level that the person arrived at in the moment of his death. 😊 So the cycle shall begin! The person gets another chance to wake up in a new body! 😊

I decided to climb to the highest floor and live my life in LIGHT, LOVE, HAPPINESS, HEALTH, PROSPERITY, ABUNDANCE with the RECOGNITION OF TRUTH. 😊 I started from the bottom, on the ground floor, with my soul full of destructive passions, but I made it! 😊With the Transformation I succeeded to break free from the darkness. I'm not fully „out“ of their reach just yet, but I live with that much more MINDFULNESS and GRATITUDE. 😊

The 5 dark entities – DESTRUCTIVE PASSIONS peacefully reside on the stories with low vibrations, feeding on the gross energy of human thoughts and feelings. Each of them has its own army of little demons. Here they are. Those are rather sly and want to keep us on their level at all costs. They only feed on our human energy.
  • ANGER – kills Love within us, judges, criticises, condemns, compares and destroys.
  • ATTACHMENT – attachment on traditions, rules, information, knowledge, past, person, animal, things, fashion, appearance, but also spiritually when a person loses the balance in connection with Earth. Attachment is a slaver, that robs us of our time.
  • LUST – jealousy, envy, lie. Lust attaches us to the tangible world and prevents us from growing spiritually.
  • SELFISHNESS – a person lights up the road for only himself, he is his own focal point of the Universe. However, the light is cold and chilly, blinding the person's eyes, pushing him to hurt others, to resent, to take from others, person craves recognition, career, fame...
  • DESTRUCTIVE SEXUAL PASSION(sex without Love) – all the addictions on cigarettes, alcohol, fun, drugs belong here. They enslave the person! While sexual energy on the higher vibrations of love is the most important CREATIVE ENERGY!😊

Another destructions in various forms unwind from those. They are quite different atfirst glance. What do they have all in common, though? They all come from the same source! And that's  the biggest manipulator of the EARTH – of the mankind- FEAR! 😊 The entirety of my Transformation was about getting to know myself, about getting familiar with the destructive passions in my subconsciousness, and about their gradual transformation into VIRTUES. Through regularities as well, about which you can read here.

I have always perceived VIRTUES as sentient noble beings, that are there to help me. They are like angels. A call is all it takes and they will make sure to assist you. They will guide you upwards, towards the light, and show you the route to the higher softer vibrational floor. The evil is not allowed on that one. It would burn!😊
You can find the 12 VIRTUES on the higher floors, as there are 12 months in a year, 12 signs in the zodiac, 12 fibres in the DNA (out of
which only 2 are active), Jesus Christ had 12 direct followers, in different religions the number 12 is important, Olymp had 12 gods etc. Even I decided to write 12 blogs. 😊 This is the 10th one. I passed on my RECOGNITION, so I can accept something new. I will write two more articles and I'll return to myself, to the silence, preparing myself for the following change, regarding my Transformation. 😊

So the 12 basic virtues that are directly related to the 12 signs in the zodiac, here they are. 😊
Let's start with Aeries. It's the first sign in the zodiac and with the state of soul in which the VIRTUE RESPECT arises it' s where the TRANSFORMATIONAL PROCESS starts.😊 Another virtues are – Taurus – STABILITY (in a sense of VIGILANCE), Gemini – PERSEVERANCE, Cancer- SELFLESSNESS (the power to GIVE), Leo – COMPASSION(as FREEDOM), Virgo – COURTESY, Libra- SATISFACTION (MODERATION, inner Harmony and Peace), Scorpio- PATIENCE, Sagittarius- CONTROLLING OF THOUGHTS, Capricorn- COURAGE, Aquarius- SECRECY(as in not judging and condemning), Pisces- GENEROSITY, from which FAITH, HOPE and LOVE shall be born within you, in your new higher vibrations as in a mothers womb.
When you decide to take the route of VIRTUES, all of them will  develop within you as if at the same time. At the beginning of my journey, I noticed lot of vices and destructive passions within me. I was in the BOX OF MATRIX, connected to the informational-hypnotic system of media, education, nurture, health service, habits, general patterns of behaviour and expectation of others. Some people stay enclosed in this box for the rest of their life and don't even realise it! I would receive gifts from the „above“ . 😊 Situations that gradually opened my box naturally came to me, as if someone was shouting „get out of that box finally and go, live your life! Go, have fun, enjoy, develop, go and explore, go and change, create, go go go!!!“ And so I stepped out of it. What a shock it was! 😊 Everything they taught me, everything I had put together into my perception of the world had fallen apart as a house of cards. I had to rebuild my inner world from the scratch! 😊
I started to quietly watch. OBSERVE what exactly was happening around me?!? Have you ever watched a person while he's watching a TV. I have. Tv is a genius invention for manipulation of a huge mass of people at the same time. At one moment somebody knowingly floods thousands of people with negative information, out of which arises a negative emotion and this accumulated energy goes exactly where it's consciously directed! To strengthen what we fear, to strengthen who we despise, to strengthen who we judge and condemn, who we pity, to strengthen the evil...
During my observation and development, I started to understand the Matrix system and gradually started to disconnect from the so-called normal things, programs and habits. 😊What I knew with certainty even as a teenager was that employment is an absolute loss of freedom for me that's why I was always trying to find other ways of making money. After university, during my maternity leave, I devised a project, that provided me with a sustainable income for several years, then came other interesting projects and MLM(multilevel marketing) at last. Thanks for that one! Doing business in MLM brought me only the best and most beautiful things in my life. Even my beloved husband!. 😊 😊😊 Thanks for the free enterprise with the guaranteed profit, as long as you can manage your destructive passions and are willing to change! 😊 Consciously, I would train my COURAGE and played with challenges. I enjoyed it! And I still do! Throughout my Transformation I started to do seemingly for the people around me. These changes came gradually and naturally as breathing. 😊
I started to wake up early, meditate regularly, pray (and I'm not even christened nor am I part of any religion), but my heart told me, that it's good for me. 😊 I started to do regularities I wrote about that here, talk less and listen more, drink green barley, eat chlorela, drink only healthy water, take care of my body with lent and massages, practise yoga, I gradually stopped smoking, eating meat and some other foods, watching tv and reading newspapers and I started to read and educate myself in the self improvement and spiritual science, I started to grow my own vegetables, started to say NO to people and situations that dragged me down, in terms of my vibrations, I started to value myself and my time... prosperity and abundance on every level came and come together with vibrational change... 😊😊😊
Today I know that I will never eat meat again. Ever since I was a child I could smell the blood and the pain and suffering of the animal within it. But you know it. When I said it out loud, people would laugh at me, and so as a child I fell into the hypnotic rhythm of matrix and ate meat. Until I climbed up to the higher floor where eating animals is no longer needed, where I feel the NEED to LOVE them. 😊 My body doesn't need meat. I don't push myself into this, it is a result of a natural development. Only those who experienced this, will understand. You, who don't, don't let yourself be allured onto the road of judging and condemning at this moment. I don't judge people that eat meat either. 😊Just observe. Don't label, learn to keep your distance and neutrality. Only then you can arrive to RECOGNITION. 😊

The Transformational road leads through 7 valleys and 7 hills. 😊 Restless rivers flow in the valleys, you will have to find your way through mud, you will fall, you will stumble, you will be tired, you will want to return to the sweet ignorance, you will doubt, you will take the wrong turn, exhausted you will plead the Universe for more strength, but while doing so, be GRATEFUL, BELIEVE and HOLD ON! Call the VIRTUES, ANGLES and the entire UNIVERSE to help you. Your reward will follow and you shall tell yourself that IT WAS WORTH IT indeed! 😊😊😊

I had a beautiful experience on Sunday. I was sitting on our terrace with my beloved husband, a true family idyll, watching the sun and the clouds. Our dog was peacefully sleeping, our tomcat purred in my hair, the leaves were rustling in the breeze and here... a wonderful feeling od GRATITUDE in my heart. 😊I had never experienced such a deep feeling before! I simply WAS and every cell, my heart and soul were happily bathing in the dazzling warm energy of gratitude. Peace and silence in my soul... just tears of gratitude and humility rolling down my cheeks. A kind caress of God. 😊

With Love, Andrea 💙

                               11. THE MYSTERY OF FORGIVENESS

In this Blog I will share my experience with the MYSTERY OF FORGIVENESS with you.😊 Throughout my Transformation, more than once, I have encountered a situation where I felt trapped. Nothing was working out as I wanted to. I felt as if I was standing in one place, unable to move. As if some invisible bonds, handcuffs or ropes were keeping me intact, not allowing me to go forward.😊
Those are the exact moments, when now I know, that I need to stop, look into myself and search for what needs to be cut out, replaced, cleansed, understood, from what situations, programs, blocks, relationships do I need to cleanse myself in order to move on.😊
The most effective WAY OF FREEING yourself from the destructive bonds, handcuffs and ropes is FORGIVENESS. It truly is the most efficient but at the same the hardest.😊 What I mean by that is that you need to do it with your heart 💜 "for real", genuinely, feel that you forgive! You can't do it with your brain, relive it in your thoughts and utter some learnt formulas or prayers. It doesn't work like that. Only the right feeling of forgiveness and repentance burns the non-functional bonds immediately, so you can finally breathe and fly freely!😊
I had a lot to work on at the beginning of my Transformation.😊😊😊 It was a never-ending work of cleansing the accumulated layers of dirt in my subconsciousness. As soon as I managed one, more showed up. 😊 Like when you scrape an onion.😊 I was practising the process of FORGIVENESS and CLEANSING yourself constantly. I do it even now, but it's different, easier.😊
I will share one of the most powerful experiences I had during my Transformational development. It was a FREEING AND HEALING PROCESS THROUGH FORGIVENESS.😊 It took place few years ago.😊 Years before that, I was already consciously cleansing and cutting off the ropes so I could rise higher. Successfully!😊  When I naively thought that I was pass the larger part of the journey, a hit! Suddenly I encountered a huge rock on the road, which could not be avoided. A rock, a colossal boulder in my soul. I had no idea that existed! It was uncovered with the gradual shedding of the emotional dirt in my subconsciousness. Appearing only when I was finally READY to deal with it! A huge thing! A huge emotional block from my childhood. 😊 I wrote more about that here.
It was all triggered with an ALLERGY. A brutal story. 😊  Suddenly! Out of nowhere! I had never had an allergy before.😊 One March morning I woke up with a strange itch in my eyes. I felt that they were also sore, so I went to the bathroom to look into the mirror. What a sight!!! My left eye was completely swollen and it looked as if I had burnt myself. A  liquid was coming out of it. An unpleasant sight to say at least!😊 It itched and burnt at the same time. Going out of the house? Impossible in such state. My face was pitiable. I was all deformed and looked pained. This is how the story with my allergy on my eyes started.😊   
Exactly 9 months have passed from an emotional ACTION, that caused a REACTION in my physical body, to the process of UNDERSTANDING AND FORGIVENESS. 9 months of getting rid of this massive boulder!😊 9 months of pain, suffering, self-recognition, work with ego, despair, self-pity, fear. Those 9 months brought me an incredible RECOGNITION. I knew from the very start, that the CAUSE of the imbalance in the health of my physical body was in me, in my thought and emotional body.😊 I knew that it would go the way it came! I started to look for the cause. I didn't see any doctors, of course. I decided to heal myself. I started to observe myself. My thoughts, feelings, communication, actions and diet.
The allergy was rather abrupt. It suddenly appeared, one of my eyes was completely swollen, then the same thing happened to the other, leaving me with allergic burns on both of my eyes and they were gone in just three days. Those three days were really bad.😊 I had to cancel meetings, dates, everything in my life was a pure chaos. I felt ugly, negative thoughts flooded my brain. I couldn't figure out the cause. This continued from March until July. In July a total collapse of my spine was added into the mix. It was so bad that my husband had to call an ambulance. After 2 hours of infusion I was discharged in an even worse state.😊 I was in pain, on medication and with the allergy on my eyes for few weeks. This lasted until September! 😊
My sly Ego was covering my eyes and I couldn't find the cause. Even though it was fairly obvious! What happened? What caused this reaction? What action in my intangible world caused this manifestation of allergy in the tangible one?😊
I put together all the context clues, I meditated and I asked my angel for help, I followed the thread of the first manifestation of my allergy, I analysed my thoughts and feelings from before, I went to regress, I was on a sitting about the intolerance of certain groceries, where I found out that my right adrenal is unable to metabolise wheat and that, on the physical level, causes an allergic reaction on the eyes.😊 My weakened kidneys and adrenals cause the decline of the energy levels in first, second and third chakra, which also explained the spine pain. 😊 I excluded wheat from my diet completely, but I knew that even this was just a physical manifestation of my inner world.😊 So I kept searching! I found a connection EYES- KIDNEYS, EYELIDS- ADRENALS, PAIRED ORGANS- RELATIONSHIPS, I started to analyse my relationships, I went to a regress sessions until I could finally put all the pieces of the puzzle together!!! I found the cause!😊 I even uncovered it few times during those 9 months, but my EGO was doing its job respectively. It didn't allow me to accept, that this was it! So it pushed me onto a false track!😊 
What exactly happened?
The CAUSE was rather inconspicuous. Three months ago, before the start of my allergy, my father called me in January. I love him, he is a great person. However, at the same time he is my grinding stone and I can say that he WAS the only person in the entire world that could enrage me into an incredible measures. At that time he was a barometer of my anger management.😊 I could test how well can I control my emotions with him.😊 All it took was one phone call and ONE QUESTION and I would burst into anger. It was the starter! Reflecting! I ended the call, furious. This launched a 3 months long rejection of communication from both sides, so-called “silent treatment” on the outside, but it was a daily emotional hell on my inside – analysing his personality, I went as far as my childhood times and I relived all the “injustice and fault” “committed” on me, I went back into the past, I felt unappreciated from his side, never praised, without any sign of love, I felt self-pity and I judged him for his behaviour towards me, I revisited old wounds, we would send messages through my mother, my emotions were in a self-destructive spiral. 😊 😊 😊
And three months later BAM! A hit, a WARNING LIGHT! Allergy on the eyes. It couldn't be left unnoticed, it couldn't be left unresolved.  IT WAS ON THE EYES. So was the cause. A boulder- my emotional blocks from my childhood came unleashed in full force!😊 My soul needed to get “rid off” them, so it pushed them literally in front of my eyes.😊 I wrote more about that here.
My relationship : I and my FATHER, was the cause.😊 It wasn't his mistake, nor his fault or anything similar.😊 Part of my personality was left as if “stuck” in my childhood. It was MY perception of our relationship. My father loves me and always was 100% on my side. He is a very strong character and is always convinced about his truth, used to commanding others. And as a child, on my mental and emotional level then, I couldn't quite process some of his actions and words!😊 From which I, MYSELF, created emotional blocks and programs in my subconsciousness! It wasn't his fault, nor his mistake, nor his will to create emotional blocks. We create those on our own. My blocks from my childhood were deeply rooted and lived their life within me. They affected me and did whatever they wanted. Until the time when I finally NOTICED THEM came! Through this situation with my father.😊 Suddenly I could see them. The time for their Transformation had come! By finding the cause through pain and suffering, I matured to their removal. I was ready!😊 
I made the SACRED RITUAL OF FORGIVENESS for my SOUL.😊 The moment when I DECIDED TO FREE MYSELF was sacred for me. It's like a celebration of your occupant and slaver finally leaving. I felt as if I succeeded at the biggest challenge of my life.😊 FORGIVENESS! Personally, I love rituals. I sense the intention and power of the Universe, a kind caress of God, light, help of the angel hierarchies and my will, all in harmony.😊
The next day, after the ritual, my allergy subsided, 3 days after it went away completely and never returned! There was no reason. THE CAUSE WAS REMOVED.😊 I transformed it into Love.😊 And I can eat wheat in various forms whenever I want. My kidneys and adrenals are healthy and work like a Swiss watch!😊
I love my father and I'm ever so grateful for every situation, for each second of our life. Our relationship has changed to better since then. I changed! I changed MY ATTITUDE!😊 I don't look at him through the eyeglasses of my childish dramas, but I see him as a being of light, that I attracted and chose as my father.😊 I wrote more about that here.
I understood that to forgive your PARENTS is a very important step, regarding your Transformation. It's the shackles that slow us down. That's why I'm describing the entire process in such detail. Free yourself, fill yourself with Gratitude and Love towards every being that helped you change!😊 It either being your parents or whoever else. Now I shall share with you the ritual of forgiveness as an instruction in terms of your daily work on yourself.😊 
I do the ritual of FORGIVENESS as followed:
I place four candles on the floor as if in a circle, or in a cross. I sit down in the middle. I have one candle in front of me, two beside me-on my left and right side, and one behind me. The inner mood of the soul is important even when lighting up the candles.😊 When lighting up each of them, I utter a formula, which I also put an emotion to:”I light up this light for you, God.
When all four candles are lit up, I relax with a deep mediatational breathing. At the same time, I imagine as if a dazzling white column is descending from the above, from God (from the Universe, from the Source), entering me through my 7th chakra(the top of my head), continuing along my spine through all of my chakras until reaching my feet. I gradually wrap myself in this dazzling light. The AIM of the ritual is important. Let all the beings of light know what you want. 😊 I say: “Good Lord, please, enter me. I ask you for a protection and guidance throughout this ritual of forgiveness. My aim is to free myself from .............................(enter everything you want to change...)Thank you. Shall it be not how I want, but how you want, God. Amen Amen Amen.” This is the basic sentence, but based on how I feel it, I talk to God more...😊
Forgiveness doesn't work on a rational level. A miracle only happens if you feel it with your will and heart. FORGIVENESS is done on THREE LEVELS.😊

I and HUMAN                  HORIZONTAL LEVEL
I and GOD                      VERTICAL LEVEL
I and I                            THE MIDDLE OF THE CROSS where the vertical and horizontal levels intersect- Imagine a cross at the point of intersection of the lines - HEART OF THE CROSS
I start to cleanse the horizontal level first. I and HUMAN ( the person, who I forgive and who I ask for forgiveness, it can also be an animal, a plant, mineral, any being) – I need to cleanse the energetic bond in the direction from me and vice versa.😊FORGIVE ME PLEASE............(insert the name of the person), that I was the cause of the imbalance in our relationship, owing to my level of thinking and feeling then, for causing ( name everything specific, what you want to be forgiven)anger, feeling of guilt, pity and negative emotions in you and me. Please forgive me my ignorance. I forgive you. I LOVE YOU. THANK YOU😊... Every word has to be alive in you and your heart has to feel it.😊 Do this correctly and you shall feel it on your breath, on the releasing energy in the heart area, you will cry cleansing tears... Your vibrations will change.😊
I continue with the VERTICAL LEVEL, I and GOD. I cleanse the energetical bond in the God's direction. „Forgive me, God, that I (name everything specifically...) was the cause of anger, feelings of pity and guilt, that I have caused an imbalance and strengthen the evil. I wasn t aware of it on the level of thinking and feeling I was at then. I know it today, though. I learnt and acquired RECOGNITION. Forgive me, God. Enter me and fill me with your divine light. I love you. Thank you. Shall it be not how I want but how you do, God. Amen Amen Amen.😊
Do this correctly and you shall feel it on your breath, on the releasing energy in the heart area, you with cry cleansing tears...Your vibrations will change.😊
The last step is FORGIVING YOURSELF.
It's important to honestly admit a mistake at first.😊 Despite EGO trying to persuade you otherwise. Ego will claim, that the other is the cause, not you! But you don't know your karmic bonds, you don't see into the head of the others, nor do you know their life plan. What if, whatever happened to you is a mere affect of your previous actions or your previous lives? The universe knows only one state. And that's BALANCE. Give-Receive. And the UNIVERSAL LAWS showcase the rules of the game quite clearly. I wrote about that here.
I......(you will say your name) Forgive myself for my ignorance, for being the cause of an imbalance and for strengthening the evil. I Forgive myself for being the cause of anger, rage, reproof, condemning and judging, for being the cause of the feelings of pity and other negative emotions in my souls and in the soul of an other person. I Forgive myself for my errancy. I Forgive myself and fill this situation in the past with Light, Understanding, Recognition and Love. Thank you. Amen”.....  include anything that comes to your mind... it needs to be honest, heartfelt and light... Let your intuition guide you. Lastly, I always thank the beings of light, my guardian angel and the whole Universe. I fill myself with GRATITUDE and for a moment I sense the beautiful energies of the cleansing process. I let the candles burn out.
Do this correctly and you shall feel it on your breath, on the releasing energy in the heart area, you will feel humility and gratitude, crying cleansing tears. Your vibrations will change. You will experience the beatific feeling of FORGIVENESS.😊
Forgiveness is the most potent power to free yourself from the bonds that enslave us. They enslave us with constantly cycling the thoughts and emotions about a certain situation or a person in our mind, as if on a carousel.😊 We can't stop thinking about it, and when doing so we have a bad feeling... By constantly “dealing” with something in our inner world and even talking about it, we are strengthening it and the evil grows even stronger! The universal law says that every thought and feeling wants to be materialised in matter.😊 Positive and even negative. Negative materialises through health, breaking or destroyoing various objects, the death of a pet, the imbalance of elements – flood, fire, etc. Coincidence doesn't exist!😊 Release yourself and you will be free, happy and most importantly healthy.😊 I wrote about that here.
Quite recently, I was driving my car, when a cyclist approached me from an opposite direction. There was a car stopped in my lane, so I stopped behind him, letting the cyclist pass. It all happened very fast and in his Matrix I wrote about that here he was under the impression that I jeopardised his life, so he started to cuss me out... I had my roof down so I could hear everything he had to say. His vocabulary for insults was quite rich! Fuuuu...😊 Had this happened few years ago, I would have said something and we could cuss each other out after which both of us could continue our mery way and I would spend three days thinking what and idiot that was. And, naturally, I would share this with everybody. 😊 A complete drain of energy! The energy would materialise itself elsewhere I wrote more about that here. For instance my washing machine would break, I would get a flat tyre, I would break a plate, etc. This time I reacted consciously. Smiling, I wished him a nice day full of happiness and without the fear of threat. In my mind, I asked him for forgiveness for causing him such a fear and wished him a pleasant ride. And I didn't think about him anymore. I didn't create any personal drama from this situation. I was clean. If that man on a bicycle had any negative emotions, they didn't reach me, cause I cut our bond with the ritual of forgiveness. It's sort of a game for me now. A game with Ego. Of course, in the first 3 second something equally as “nice” to say to him crossed my mind, but I immediately connected myself to light, peace, happiness, intuition, good, wisdom, recognition and in such sphere Ego doesn't have any power over me. And that's how I forgive and ask for forgiveness. 😊
With Love, Andrea 💜

                                    12. SPIRITUAL HIERARCHIES

Throughout my Transformation, I realised that I have full responsibility  towards myself, others and the Universe for everything that I do, feel and think.😊 I realised that my thoughts, emotions and actions are all part of one whole, one genius organism, one Universe and Universal laws. I realised that I'm part of the God's light and embracing Love. 😊 I realised that I'm never alone, no matter where I am or what I'm doing.😊
I see and sense Love and god's Wisdom everywhere.😊 With each breath I take I sense the pure Love God gives me and with each exhale I return it back to him with humility and gratitude.😊 I see Love in every sunrise and sunset, in every rustle of leaves on trees, in every rain, cloud, the singing of birds, the animal language, in vegetables, in fruits, in water, earth, fire, wind, in the sound of the sea waves, in every person, animal, plant, stone...😊 God is everywhere and in everything, I am Him, He is Me. 😊 I'm not referring to any religion. What I mean by that is the primordial God, Source.😊
I remember how in school we were taught that a human is the master of creation and rules this planet.😊 Matrix does its job in educational system quite well. I decided to write and show you the hierarchy of creation, hierarchy of beings, so you can recognize, just the way I did, where in the hierarchy does the HUMAN stand. Instead of being proud on our position(postavenie), you will realise that beneath and mainly above us are hierarchies of more matured beings. 😊 Human is part of the God's hierarchy and has a great purpose. It's the only being in this hierarchy with a FREE WILL. 
The purpose of a human is to evolve into Creation with Word and to transform the planet Earth into a planet Love. The entire god's hierarchy believes in us, patiently waiting. 😊  The beings of light help us, until we wake up, light up,  become wiser and help from us lower hierarchies to fulfil their purpose. 😊 Since the Universe is dual, an Antiworld also plays an important part in this game. It's there and after all IT also serves God.😊😊😊 

Spiritual hierarchy:


SERAPHS – Spirits of Love
CHERUBS – Spirits of Harmony
THRONES – Spirits of Will

DOMINIONS – Spirits of Wisdom
VIRTUES – Spirits of Motion
POWERS – Spirits of Form

Holy spirit
ARCHAI – Spirits of Time
ARCHANGELS– Spirits of Nations
ANGELS – protective spirits of People 

ANIMAL KINGDOM                       
KINGDOM PLANTAE                        

All means by which we can transform ourselves are available to us.😊 Let's just open our eyes and look around!😊 We have lot of GIFTS from these beings of light, unfortunately though, even if we are looking at them, we can't see them! I will share my experience with one of them with you.😊
For couple of years now, I pray a well-known prayer “Our Father” before meditation. I'm not a member of any religion, nor am I christened, but upon hearing this prayer for the very first time, my heart reacted joyfully to it. It could not be left UNSEEN and UNSENSED! 😊😊😊 I learnt it by heart and started to notice its effect/impact on me.😊 Whenever I would utter the “Our Father's” prayer it felt as if the energies of God and the mother Earth met and embraced me in my heart, lighting it up with Love and healing all of my energetic bodies.😊😊😊 I felt my energies harmonising and a feeling of humility and gratitude spilling in my heart.😊 I didn't understand why this was happening to me then, but today I do. I acquired recognition. I'm happy, that my desire for recognition could be fulfilled again. 😊 I sense that the prayer has several more levels and is almost magical. It's a gift to the mankind.😊 It's beautiful to watch the absolute wisdom of creation in everything.😊
Our Father” is a prayer that activates our energetic centres – CHAKRAS and our SPIRITUAL ORGANS. 😊 We have 7 basic chakras in our physical body. Each of them is energetically connected to a specific physical organ, specific emotion and thought. Positive and also negative. If you take any book about chakras and meridians in our body, you will find out which organ is nourished by which chakra and you will also find which emotions are alligned with which physical organs, colours, minerals, plant, animals, planets, signs in the zodiac, musical tones, archangels, etc... Today you can easily access such information.😊 When you put it all together, you will understand that everything is interrelated and why sometimes something hurts...😊 As energetically healthy are our chakras, so is our physical body.😊 
When feeling each word and sentence of the “Our Father” prayer, gradually 7-6-5-4, then 1-3-2 and backwards 4-5-6-7 chakras activate. It has its precisely established sequence and sense.😊 Each chakra has its “footprint” in the physical body. These footprints and physical manifestation of chakras are GLANDS
1.chakra – gonads, 2.chakra. Leyding cells, 3.chakra- adrenals, 4.chakra- thymus, 5.chakra- thyroid, 6.chakra- epiphysis, 7.chakra- hypophysis.😊
Each sentence and word of the “Our Father” prayer has several sensory levels. I'm simply opening the doors for you by giving you an easy step-by-step for your further inner work.😊 It's a journey to recognition, healing, cleansing your intangible bodies, journey to activation of our spiritual centres with that comes the activation of our spiritual abilities – clairvoyance, jasnopočutie,  jasnocítenia, jasnovedenia and RECOGNITION OF TRUTH.😊

The “Our Father” prayers and activation of each energetic centre:

7. chakra Our Father, Who is in heaven,
6. chakra
Holy is Your Name;
5. chakra
Your kingdom come, Your will be done
4. chakra
on earth as it is in heaven.
1. chakra
Give us this day our daily bread,
3. chakra
and forgive us our sins, as we forgive those who sin against us;
2. chakra
and lead us not into temptation,
4. chakra
but deliver us from evil.
5. chakra
For thine is the kingdom,
6. chakra
and the power, 
7. chakra and the glory for ever and ever. Amen.

I often start my morning meditation with this prayer.😊 The difference between a prayer and a meditation is simple. We TALK to God(Universe, Creation, Source) with a prayer, whereas we LISTEN to God with a meditation. He talks to us CONSTANTLY!😊😊😊
A lot is written about goals, visions, dreams, desires and about various techniques of their fulfilment, even seminars, lectures and video courses are being organised.😊
Someone's desires are fulfilled, but the desires of majority aren't.😊 If you want your Desire to be heard, it's necessary to COOPERATE with the spiritual hierarchies.😊  God(Universe, Source), HE is the POWER that puts everything into action and gradually materialises it in the physical sphere. Intangible is realised in the tangible, never the other way around. The intangible world is the world of CAUSES and the tangible one is the world of AFFECTS. That's the universal law!😊 I wrote about that here.
If you really want something, your want it so badly that you BECOME your desire – YOU ARE IT, shoot it with the POWER OF YOUR LIGHT-FILLED HEART and relentless FAITH so high that the THRONES- spirits of WILL can catch it. Because what the THRONES want, that is gradually fulfilled. If it's in harmony with the God's and your plan.😊😊😊

SPHINX is standing silently
on the edges of the GODS THRONE
and her silence contains everything.

But then.
what THRONES want,
that is what SERAPHS feel,
that is what CHERUBS know, 

that is what DOMINIONS express,
that is what VIRTUES put into action,
That is what POWERS form,

that is what ARCHAI send,
that is to what ARCHANGELS clear a way,
and ANGELS bring
to fulfil.

My Transformation continues further very intensely.😊 Thank you for allowing me to share part of my Recognition with you. It means a lot to me. Even if only a small piece of what you read here fits into your puzzle of recognition, that means a huge success to me!😊 I am filled with FAITH, LOVE AND HOPE.
Fruitful autumn is about to come.😊  29.9., Michael (archangel Michaels day), marks the start of the spiritual fruit collection. The time of internalisation and an opportunity for the largest shift through our Recognition is approaching. I'm looking forward to this autumn. And then, if we manage to successfully pass all of the challenges throughout the advent time, we receive a Christmas GIFT. However, the cycle with 12-blogs shall enclose for now.😊
I ensure you I will write about the autumn, Advent time and the Christmas mystery as a spiritual work of a person on himself. See you soon. I'm looking forward to it. 😊

With Love, Andrea💜